Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Casey Cloer

I disagree. When you are alone and away from the One You’re With the one that you love it only allows doubt and fear to enter your heart and the Heart of the one you love. It allows the possibility of someone new and exciting to come into their life and even if it’s for a short period Of time it will drag them away from you that much more

Robert Thompson

It’s true to a point you know who you are and what you want you just have to go and get it

Edgardo Ocampo Mercado

I will agree before been in a good relationship you need to know who you really are who you want to be and that takes time and then you can find a person that will be a good fit

Mohamed Farag

Absolutly true, such a wish

Brenda King

So untrue.one should know what they want or don’t, you should know yourself better than any one,orther than God.

Rashad Sims

or can be young in don’t know whether or not u want a relationship or I just want to be single and just do u

Aftab Afridi

Alone —– alone—-alone—- but still can’t find out wth I’m? Ugghhhhh so confused

Deepu Bhandari

Yeah n dis is d post i need today to read……thnx for posting here 🙂

Fisher Euqcaj

Very true……I was alone 2 years maybe longer and it’s well worth the therapy it offers

Nana Lenox

Not true. I always knew who I was and what I wanted. But now I know I wanted a loser that doesn’t deserve me!

Liz Gonzales

Oh yea I have been single too long don’t trust no time for heartache and headaches. Too old. He still in his world and. I like my worlf

Luvlia Hr

Yea..we do need to be alone sometimes..juz to be alone..to hv a piece for our mind from the hassle bassle out there..from the ppl surrounding us especially..Need to think..need figure out what the things can be done..without any one disturbing our mind..Not forgetting to think positivity over negativity thinking that always comes in our mind..How to overcome it by not hurting anyone..Most importantly find our own true identity..😊

Heart Summits

I always thought there was something romantic about fighting for someone. About wining them back, Eventual hapiness.
But as i sit here with stones in my chest, where hope used to lie, i have come to the realisation that there is nothing lovely about having to continously convince someone to love you..S.l

Rashad Sims

it’s true to a point sometimes it’s good to just be single for that time being no relationship is perfect but at the same time both parties have to learn to compromise and communication is key plus there are times were you don’t know what u want in life maybe u want something but the timing is way off

Nick Morgan

Ok im sorry to all please for give me.to summer it all up every one in this word has got a pass good or bad but to love the pass and think of how good it was then.only one can change that and make every one smile again.say it to your self its me and me a lone.if u can do that …u can help ree live your own life to the happy erst day of your life and others

Debbie Alford Grimes

I totally disagree. A few minutes of alone time per week is good though. You will never know exactly what it is you want in life until you get out there and explore the world, meet people and find out just what you are really interested in. If you stay by yourself you will never really know what things, places and people really interest you. You would be surprised at the things, people and places that you might be interested in. I learned alot about myself and what I wanted in life just by relocating and meeting new people who… Read more »

Deitä Krieg

To the author!! Are you reading into my life?? Cause it’s everyday .. every hour, minutes, your post popped up and try to guide me .. it’s like I’m the living posts

Debbie Alford Grimes

You may think you know what you want but then you meet someone or something happens in your life that makes you a totally different person. Then you may like totally different things and totally different people.

Michele Hopkins

Hopefully, they figure out what they want. I already know……
It’s hard to be with someone who’s mind and past are filled with so much pain and betrayal….

William Gates

There is solace in your own space.
I don’t mind being alone at times but we were all meant to be with someone.
And my someone is going to be so special.

Matthew Mendat Jr

I disagree. I think that when you’re alone you begin to think and feel like you don’t need anyone else which can leave you unable to truly love someone else because you won’t feel the need for another person in your life. When you do meet someone it will be exciting and fun but when you really meet someone who you can be in a relationship with you will push them away and feel you want to be alone again because things will be tough and having to work to love someone isn’t as fun as being alone and casually… Read more »