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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Burton Abrera

Too bad. We are not like that.

We fight…we kiss…we hug…we talk…we argue…she goes away!…she never came back…she runs..not all are bound to stay more chooses to live and left their partner for their own happiness.

Aira Forsander

Ladies and gentlemen I met many our “friends ” when went through the Scamming scammers Romance site ?

Oguagua Ejaeta

I believe I find someone that I will do all of that with in my life. Hoping…

Silvan Kofmehl

I fight,
I kiss,
I hug,
I text,
I talk,
I argue,
I laugh,
I smile,
I love…
That’s me

Kam Pur

I don’t know anything about that… Haven’t been an US in a long time.✌?️

Phil Gronemeyer

We did all of that for almost 25 wonderful years together and such great memories since she passed away ….

Wanda Smith Prioleau

Maybe one day I’ll have this! Looking for a Good man to do this with.

Paulette Gandara

Too bad some people always want to walk away after arguments

Tjipita Mihnashe

i wsh 2 gt sm1 who i wl d tht wth..in rlstnshp w al hv 2 fyt 2 kp it real ad lern 4rm our mstaks tht w d.bt eish i……

Ankit Shukla

You don’t need reasons to prove yourself. You don’t need ways to end.

You know what you are in life. You know the right focus on strive.

Just stay, as you are determined in life
And you will reach your way too soon.

Good Morning !!!

Ankit Shukla

Ngozi Chukwuka

Looking for a to make up my life again.. My life is in pieces now and my emotions are no were to be found. I wish we never knew each other for the first time. Am dying inside each day and night.. She left me. How do I put away this feelings because is killing me inside??

Samantha Mancini

Apparently not anymore