Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Renee Elizabeth

This is extremely hard on me. Because honestly we don’t want to see our ex with someone else. I’ve always thought that I would be with him forever and grow old with him. But unfortunately things didn’t turn out that way. And know I’m over here thinking how am I going to move on and trust this new man that I just met. It’s very scary.. Sometimes I just want to go back in time just to feel his lips against mine, his arms wrapped around me holding me. But I can honestly say that my heart isn’t healed. And… Read more »

Elisa Giovannetti

I thought I found him but he didn t find me…No One out there seems really for me….

Heart Summits

It’s not hard to find someone who tells you they love you, its hard to find someone who actually means it…

Lim Kok Choo

I did found mine…. But in the end….. She left me for another guy…… I do hope she find it n is the correct 1…… As for myself i have since shut my eyes already

Elisha Upshaw

This is exactly the kind of love i always wanted. Truth is ill probably never have it. I pray that someone else gets it, what an amazing love it would be.

Priyanka Rawat

I dont want someone to give me buttrflies but i want someone to be with me no mattr what will happen. To support me when i am weak. To hold me when i really need him and nevr go back. No matter what will happen he will stay with me only:-)

Daniel McKim

Thought I had found that person this year, only to be left feeling more confused and empty than before. Left and a part of me taken I may never get back.

Tarun Bharadwaj

Aanchal Srivastava i know i found you my wifie, you are my love, my life, my happiness. We both have all of this and even much more between us. We are meant to be together always and will never let you alone. AT always together.
Love you alottt 😘 <3

Penny Stillions

I believe in all of this and it doesn’t mean you have to be rich. Love each other for who you are not for who you want the to change into. Spend TIME NOT MONEY I believe whole heartily that time spent is more valuable the all the riches in the world. Yes you have to have money to live on but together you can achieve what you need for you and your family as a team. I will pick Love, Loyalty, truth and time spent together over all the riches in the world. You can not take it with… Read more »

Micheal Talamante

But when see the world it’s a big place it takes a well to find there love and it takes a well to know that person will get bored of u and the May just leave u for no reason or maybe the be there looking at someone else but few didn’t seen the world true colors even a few times the care but the don’t maybe there to us u for something else but all I’m saying is .don’t have a love but it will be dangerous soon enough and I don’t want to get heart broken

Denis Semunyu

Dear SoulMate, I know it seems that I am not coming, but please don’t give up on me. The truth is…I am searching for you now and I will find you. Before the world began, God already knew that you would be mine and now the season is much closer than you think! In time, we will become a reality in spirit, soul, and body! So if you’re becoming impatient, please don’t. However, until I come, please keep pursuing your dreams; always stay connected to God; and when I cross your mind, put in a prayer for me so that… Read more »

Stephanie Jones Small

I hope God finds me worthy and ready to tap him on the shoulder and point to me and say she’s the one. I tried taking the lead and picking/ pursuing before and it didn’t work out . Now I will wait for God to whisper in his ear and place me at his rib. He will have to say God sent me….

Dustin Eyerly

I only found one woman i felt that way with. There is no way i could feel something so amazing twice. Ill grow old by myself. How could i love another? That isnt love.

Anj Lunas

This is the saddest part of getting hurt over and over again. You become scared of trying to love again cos you already know the feeling of getting hurt. We begin to put up high walls cos we wanted to protect ourselves but then at the end we are no longer happy. It sucks to be always left behind. They moved on, but you are stuck from where you are. Sigh…

Joe Hernandez

I did find her but Ms Dangerous didn’t let herself feel the same i just wish her the best and hopefully she finds someone that will make her feel what I did and shes not afraid or let anyone keep her from accepting it…..

Connie Barron Holland

This is beautiful, really. But I gave up on it. Not looking for that special someone. Being alone is the best I can do. Am still healing and not sure how long time will give me to heal.

Luvlia Hr

Everything explained there..
I hope u’re the first person that I see in the morning & the last person at nite before I say..”Nite Nite To U..Sleep Tight & Hv A Sweet Beautiful Dreams”..then I fall asleep..How sweet..😌🌹💕