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Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Umer Khan

The one that truely loves will mess up your lipstick not your mascara If you actually care for someone you will always be the reason for their smiles and happiness and become their strength even if you are not with them and if you change you never loved the person on the first place cuz love for me means to gv gv and give without expecting any return 🙂

Lizza Lopa

Ppl u lv so much alwz hurts u d most .. n itz damn painful u cnt evn say dis to nyone

Kún Linh Nguyen

The one who used to hold you tight when you cried, now let you there crying alone lol so sad

Vicky Vicky

Keep some tears cz tis year will be our married life begin

Tina Marie James

Makes me think he was fake and the last week was the real him ?

Heart Summits

Giving someone the best of you and watching them choose someone else. It never stop stops hurting

Rasha Hardy

Real Talk

Yenny Heru

Kesi Nuel Aregbor

Hahahah,that is love it full of risk

Pat Nostitz

very true !!

Merlin Macanan

Yes i never thought that you make me happy first then u make me cry at the end

Aakash Vijaya

Sometimes we have to be away from the people we love, but that doesn’t make us love them any less, sometimes it makes us love them even more.

Russell Ledet

I figured as much, just make sure you don’t judge the whole book by a couple of pages until you know the whole story, that’s all I ask.

Ricky Georg

Wow this one hits home……..Well I knew this day would come. She left me I took her back. thought she was cheating on me I cheated on her we where supposedly working on us I find out she’s on a dating site got six different guys numbers talking to them and still being intimate with me but now I’m almost positive she’s on her first date with one of these six guys. Just know no matter what I will always love you. Good luck to you, you deserve to be happy!

Lynne Elsberry Bates Ferrante

I never cause tears usually. But if I get picked on for no reason. I’ll set it straight. No one knows another’s story. Maybe they’ll think twice before they pick on someone else under a facade.

Girish Chavan

Yes..absolutely ri8…NEWTON’S law works here….as the ball rises high…harder it hits the ground…. So do emmotions…. The more u laugh..more u cry…more become happy…a lot sad…!!!!

Cherrylyn Lucas

That’s your fault now. I already told you a lot of times to go back here now asap & leave your evil best friend there now, for good & for life. But, what are you doing now? Nothing… =(

Tan Tian Wei

People you love so much, always appear to be the one that hurts you the most. It’s painful, really. Life is cruel.

Luvlia Hr

The smile that u r gaving me in the beginning..& the tears that u gaving me in the end..U r so HEARTLESS..?

Kim Swain Farnsworth

I miss the smiles.& laughs but I’m so over all the tears & pain you have caused me- Thom

Eddy Obby

there is no relationship that is full of joy without a little taste of sorrow. Hence, that relationship will never last forever!

Opal Boardman

So sad awwwee