Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Liz Van Weeghel

Yes I love hard and doesn’t stop either! I still love the woman and I forever will. And deep down no matter what anyone thinks or whatever anyone wants to say. She will have another chance with me if she comes to me and is willing to work on it just as much I am willing to work on it! Yes loads of shit happened but I’m still here for her and always will be. And if she shows up at my door I’ll gladly talk to her and have things worked out! A relationship is hard work from two… Read more »

Amy Gonzales

If you really love me then i will love you hard and strong because I am a real RIDE OR DIE!

Andrea Denisse Rosario

This so true, I promise to give my special person 1000% of me.

Claudia Antoinette Pinamang

That’s me!! That’s why I stay single till God brings a special husband to me.

Craig Taylor

And in most mens cases too. I know ive felt like that.

Erin Lee

hell yes it may not be reciprocated but i keep trying cause someday i know it’ll come back to me ❤️

Tori Shaffer

False…she loves hard because she has been shown what love is her whole life ❤️❤️❤️

Suzanne H Berry

I’ve been loved through out my life with so much abuse that when God finally blessed with a man that Loves Me Deeply In Every Way Possible…I don’t know how to act…

Donna Dirscherl

God loves you and you must learn to Love yourself. Then that’s all you need. The love you put out will be returned once. You believe.

Jeffery Brown

BS, she loves hard to get that man to do anything she wants. . . Don’t forget, trust is freedom, and she probably already cheated.

Kinza Ali

Don’t he ever think that someone can take his place?
N if he ever ignores me by assuming that someone can take his place just because he is young then he is Biggest fool ever.!you will definitely break ur legs when you see me again, ok

Stephen Grey

Bullshit. The harder she fakes love, the more she gets from her victim until she drains them for all their worth under the guise of caring about them. When she’s got all she can, so say it’s her and not them and throw them to the side without regard for anybody else’s feelings but your own. She’s not fooling anybody.

Jessika Lyn French

If you have Christ then you never feel too little of love! I feel so loved every day of my life knowing that He died on the cross for me! There’s no greater love than that! No matter how many times I fail to love Him, He never fails to love me or show me that He loves me! <3

Emily Calbario

Even that little love means a lot to me and makes me happy.