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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Nancy Lynn

I’ve always felt this way and still do! I was widowed at the age of 37. It’s been 11 years now. Material things mean nothing! Life is too short to be shallow!

Virpi Murphy

I dont go amens on anything but that is the exact truth. Material gifts are an easy way to avoid true connection between each other.

Donna Stewart

No I didn’t but when I ended up on my own after been married for 20 years now with two adult children 3 grandchildren. .burned by a few boifrnds. .I kinda like my home by the beach my jetski jeep wrangler and harley..Material things..maybe…i just say they a whole heap of fun…lol…work my ass off Courier Driver..

Rutie Grant

I know that’s right money come & go not saying that its not good if they got it but the other qualities will last way lifetime material things never last you can have it today & gone tomorrow!

Fiza Zia Ul Hannan

There should be a balance I suppose. I would definitely never go for a guy who claims to love and has no money to provide me a shelter and bread.

Zane Kenina

An honest woman my ass.
I’m not saying that all women are gold diggers, but financial stability is very important in a relationship.
I work, pay my bills and all that, and I would never get involved with a loving, caring and UNEMPLOYED guy who’s weight I’d have to pull.
I’m not after money, but I am not going to support a grown man.

Raeann Dennis-McCullough

Material things only make you “happy” for a little while, until the new wears off, dies, gets broken, lost, traded in, given away ect…… If a man really loves a woman it’s these things written above that mean the most to a woman who really loves her man!

Ruchi Chaudhary

After all this in the end you can only laugh at yourself how stupid you were!! Time! Attention! EFFORTS!!! What the hell you were thinking about girl! Doesn’t matter how good you are, you can always be replaced. That’s relationship nowadays people fall in love but not deep enough to stay there.

Analuisa Martinez

It’s sad when they know that all you want is them alone. Not any of the other things matter and yet they still can’t commit, be honest nor love you back with the same want and needs. And seek the one that will hurt, and drain them for every penny they have.

Marie Wallace

Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!!!! I don’t give a shit about a mans money because #1 I make my own money (Called being Independent & not living off a man) #2 Money, cars, jewelry etc…. It’s all materialistic & #3 Money don’t buy happiness. I would much rather him acknowledge me, respect me, love me, appreciate me, stand proud next to me!!!

Tony John

baloney…other than a skanky alpha male who gives you a “good time” I don’t know what the hell you want. Honesty, loyalty and attention don’t mean squat if you don’t have anything resembling a life.

Mina Olsen

That’s what I want time, attention, honesty, loyalty and effort of a man. Those is for me too than more than anything money could buy. It will be a tragic if that’s the case for any woman if a man didn’t spend time with you .

Elba Soberal

Then this quote must be from two centuries ago, when the mom stayed home and took care of the kiddies. Nowadays, I call this woman an idiot. Most couples Now, must work. Both of them. Life is very expensive, and unless you are rich, very rich, one salary is not doable. So, I rate this Baloney and Cheese. BTW, the majority of divorces, are about money problems. Love don’t pay the rent honey.

Ruben Martinez Jr

What a load of bullshit!! Given the choice, many girls/women would much rather have money and material things… I’ve done all this and still get kicked to the curb for the asshole that has money… and the very few that do want this, don’t give the guy a chance cause of the damage done by the asshole!!

Mindy Richards

To all of the guys in here commenting that this is “bull”, I’m sorry for your experiences. I worked hard to support my family and my ex took me for everything I had. There are very many greedy people in this world, and you don’t really know for sure who you are with money until you are presented with it ,so yes, some people agreeing with this are only agreeing in theory, but not everyone. I hope each of you finds someone who makes you believe in this, someday, because money is such an ugly oppressor in our otherwise beautiful… Read more »

Jacki Trotter

Ruben….just because you got fucked over doesnt mean ALL women will do it to a man……there are good and bad of both sexes…..im sori you got the crap load but im one of the blessed ones who didnt THIS TIME……i have a husband who makes more money per week than i can shit…but id rather have 5min of his attention without a laptop or cellphone or the cat in his hands so that IM getting the attention i deserve……money can only buy so much…it sure as hell doesnt buy love and understanding…..

Sharon Cannon

At one time eons ago, I cared about materialistic things as well as being loved. There’s a lot to be said for maturing, and realizing what’s REALLY important in a relationship.
Money can’t buy love, loyalty, honesty attention and time spent together.
If someone truly cares, they give it freely and unconditionally.❤️

Andrea Cesena

This simply means that a man need not make tons of money to make a woman happy. Of course he needs to be hard working.

Eric Edubdatdude Soto

BULLSHIT, be on the verge of getting evicted no gas or food in your house and bills about to be shut off with a man sitting on ur couch with a smile and loyalty and an abundance of time is all he is offering.

Kandies Berger

Men hurt woman and woman hurt men, then they get sceard and it just is a horrible cycle. But, when you put that fear of getting hurt to the side and open your heart, let love in. Then you realize this kind of love is still in this world. To be on the same level to be 100/100 in the relationship. That’s what it’s about you do your part I do mine. Put unconditional love in that. Amazingness happens.

Beckey St Onge

I have a guy who loves me to death…but has not a thing to offer…close to retirement and can’t pay for gas…So I do need time, Love and attention…but also…something brought to the table…I’m not going in the hole to receive what I deserve❤

Karen Hetrick

Amen. Sorry, Ruben. I make enough to support myself, but I will never financially support another man. I. don’t need a man, I want a man. There’s a difference.