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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ryan Evan

It’s all lies. Now when someone wants to screw me over. I kick them out of my life, then they realize it and try to come crawling back. I don’t stand for it, you fucked up now live with the choice that you made, if you can’t then you shouldn’t have made the fucked choice to begin with. People think I joke when I say I can turn stone cold in seconds, but when they find out I’m not joking they freak.

LadyTroy Sharp

If your love is true …you can never love tooo much . You are either all in or bailout … run for the hills. The choice should be mutual.

Birtha Stowers

if someone dident care for me .why should i want them to stay.that would be like twisting your own heart out and stomping on it.

Pooneh Tanaeim

True love ❤️ is always given in the right amount:) it’s never Too Much 🙂 <3

William Khisa

It only happens if your partner doesn’t mean in loving you.

Marisol Jackie

The emotional breakup is very painful.. it really hurts more when u deeply love

Judd Stokes

Love isn’t meant to hurt… Yet the lack of attention and loneliness that can come from one sided love can create an awful lot of hurt and sadness…

Lala Zahid Ali Ansari

But I love someone give everything what I have but in return she just give me tears.
Feeling bad.

Jeff Minnich Jr

I agree with this…the stronger the love the harder the hurt if it doesn’t work out!

Bhâbñä Æfrîñ Êshïtå

absolutely true….it happens with me always so I diffently agree with this statement..

Bobby Cork

This is lacking intelligence as a post Where do you generate these from

Luvlia Hr

That shouldn’t be happened if u truly luv someone..There is no lies in between..It could ruin the relationship..kill the trust..kill the feelings..especially will kill the luv that u hold for so long..That will be huge disappointment..Totally makes u freaking out..☹️

Vicenta Simpson

And it goes like this, choose to wait for the right person and you’ll never love each other too much…you’ll be able to safely go ?

Abdulnaxy Mohammed

I don’t believe that,if you love someone toomuch that person will also love you better except if the love is not real love

Polen Ulanday

It is not about how much your love, what matters is how true your love is…if it’s not then definitely it is a lie and not just in between, but since day one!.

Elba Roman

I don’t believe that you can love too much, the fact is that you either love or you don’t, that is why anything in between is a lie, or that you’ll hurt too much. Because love doesn’t hurt anyone, Love cures the Soul and gives joy to the heart.

Joie De Vivre

A guy once said to me, when loving a woman, it shouldn’t be all-out. That you should hold back some for yourself, a 70-30 share. So that if the relationship fails, you still have some love left to feel for yourself. What’s your opinion on this? Anyone?

Cristina Cassandra Casuyon

If you love too much, make sure the other person loves you much more coz if you’re uncertain then you’ll definitely hurt much more. Knowing that the other person loves you more than anything in-between will make you feel secure and will make you not question your love for each other.

Anthony Adams

Nope!!! If I love too much….that means I put a measurement on something that’s infinite!!! So, I can never love too much. You just have gready spirited people that keep adding stipulations because they have lazy love!!!

Better Men Are Made By Women

Nowadays, love is constantly under review. Subtly, we are pressured to prove how much or how deeply we love when all we need to do is love. There are even couples who argue about who loves more or who is working hardest to spark the relationship. Intimate relationships are in some cases a high stakes gamble. We cannot always win. Even in those that do not seem risky, the high expectations of positive returns from the love we have’invested’ in someone causes part of the hurt we feel. There is hurt and disappointment that plans and projections did not materialize.… Read more »

Brad Cheaney

Does anyone know for sure? Is all love the same? Noting is perfect. At some time your smile will be more than genuine. Other times your going to hurt. That’s life. When the odds are against you, share your smile, open your heart, hope, seek patience, understand. The only thing you may receive is to gain.

Gel Berry Ventura

There is no such thing as love too much, it might be you loved him/her right enough. You can’t even measure how deep love is. If something screwed up in between, then it’s all lies even the love you believed.

Marcus D Whitmore

You can over love, Thats called obsession. Your never supposed to love someone more than you love yourself.

That means you love them for selfish reasons, and that also means that person can take advantage of you.

ユーリ 彼女

Love is about faith see what unseen and believe who believe in you… Unfortunate event occur everyway you go anyway… Love while you can still see them…

Clinton Alan Holt

? because if you can’t give it everything you have it will never be true