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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Pearl Mari

Yes…despite difficulties and arising problems it is always good to have somebody who make life easier by adding a little fun in everyday life.
I don’t like angry face and banging and too loud and talkative man.
Women have monthly cycles which changes our moods and strength and it is awful plus the daily routine to tend.a witty and humorous partner will make things easier for us.in turn,woman compensate and be that wifey he wants her to be.

Rick Jane Stonella

That will be so nice of him but if only he can do this for me

Joe Smith

Oh, did I mention she already has a degree she doesnt use….

Penny Stillions

Everyone has a soul mate in this world, but few ever find each other. When you do it is Absolutely Amazing.

Ann Evangelista

#lifegoals #relationshipgolas #faithisstrong To God be the Glory!

Vikkie Smith

Its good and healthy in a relationship to be comfortable with each other

Holly Moorad

I have this finally! I had to endure a lot of bad apples over the years to get there though.

Mohamed Farag

Why we care about peoples thoughts of us most of them dreams of being crazy

Luvlia Hr

It goes in both way..sharing everything what u hv..to make u feel good & happy in every single life..Never say tired to spend time with the ‘LOVED ONES’..
those memories that we hv in a relationship..& be remain in that way..??

Pete Ball

Give her?
Sure, it’s all the guys responsibility.

Stephanie Johnston

Give each other a relationship like this! It should be a 2 sided thing 🙂

Jerran Sears

I use to have that in my life.
But that person didn’t want what I had to offer and shit on me (figuritivley of course )
But now I have hit fuck it and I will never let myself be hurt by anyone ever again.

John Evan Fritter

I’d rather have an equal partner in a relationship where we try to avoid being idiots and tolerate getting tired of each other sometimes because we’re people, not manic pixie dream children

Joe Smith

Or, have a relationship where the guy goes out and busts his ass, gives up on all his hopes an dreams, has a heart attack at the ripe old age of 35 and the first words out of her mouth is “how could this happen to me?”, recoup less than a month before going back to work, against dr’s orders, all for her to decide she wants to be a nurse and goes back to school full time for the next 4 years.

Domaoal Desiree

I’t would be nice if you both can give the same.