Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Rayya Maxim Rayya

Cry as much as you can after been hurt. After that stop cry and pick up yourself and put your head heal high !!! The right one waiting for you !!

Laddie Angie

1.Let it hurt
2.Make a Tinder
3.Go on Dates

And u will forget this pain ever existed

Christian Simeon


Julie Lanteigne

When does it stop hurting

Laurel McAra

Easier said than done,,,,,took me 3 yrs to do it.

Justin Baumgardner

Looking for advice from women. I’ll try to be short. I’ve been separated for a few months now. I’ve been married for 16 years and together for 20. Met her when I was 16 and I’ve been faithful for every moment. We split up for about 10 months and I moved out of state. While gone I tried and failed to be with another woman several times. It made me feel like it would never happen for me again with someone different. We got back together and now 16 years later she’s not in love and is moving on with… Read more »

Aiden Airs

I’ve learned to endure the pain, then let him who’s my pain…. go. I’m sick of that same old love. No more fuckboys!!!!

Princess Fab

Mao jud… wag tatangatanga.. alam mo ng niloloko ka hinahayaan mo pa rin..

Carrie Crosbie

It’s the hardest part but it does get easier then you learn the lesson and move on minute by minute!

Queen Latifer

lf someone decide to intentionally hurt u’ then they don’t deserve anything fr u let them go.

Luvlia Hr

It’s tough tho’ to let it go once HEART ❤️ got hurt..💔only a matter of time to heal itself..😌

John Christian

Better still don’t participate or get involved with something that could potentially hurt you from the start…!

Rebecca Leigh

(girl) do u want to be with me forever? (boy)no (Girl) would u cry if i walked away? (Boy) no She heard enough and was hurt tears ran down her face Boy grabbed her arm:(boy)your not pretty…..your beutiful (boy)i dont want to be with u forever…..i need u forever (boy) i wouldnt cry if u walked away….i would DIE!!! (boy whispers) plzz stay with me (girl whispers) i will… Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you Something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm tommorow it could be anywhere get redy for the biggest shock.of… Read more »

RD Mariano

Let go of relationship that makes you the saddest. Let go of people who make you feel unworthy. Let go of negative feelings which consumes you. Let go of all negative vibes that stop you from becoming free and happy. Just let go….

Donna Musico

At some point you must move on
It never gets better and he only continues to.do.whatever it is he us doing- lying, cheating and bring disrespectful. You’re worth too much to sink to his pathetic level. Move on!

Matthew Sellers

Best thing I ever did was let go of a toxic relationship after 4 years. I still love the woman to death as the mother of my child, but nothing is worth the amount of fighting (verbally) and it not only has allowed us to talk better as co parents but has also improved our lovely daughter’s mood too. It may suck sometime in life to let things go but for those who believe in god or to whom ever you praise, they have better plans for you! Be patient, love what you have surrounding you and cherish it! 🙂

Michael Barnes Sr.

It’s been a couple of years slowly but surely it’s happening I’m starting to feel a little better sometimes it’s hard to move on but you have to move forward put yourself back out there and give yourself a chance to be happy hopefully somebody decent comes along to do so and you can be the same to them

Melissa Prillwitz

Sometimes you have to go through couple bad relationship to found a great one but there is that one person out there for everyone. I just haven’t found my Mr . right yet but he is out there waiting for me.

Jilianne May Dingzon

I did everything for him. His laundry (I NEVER did mine coz my mom does it), the dishes, I fold his clothes, clean his room, drive back and forth in a day from Vegas to LA to Vegas (in a day take note) and not just once but A LOT of times. And you know what he said? He thought it was all real at one point. He said I never loved him. He said I was cheating on him. He said I made another fb account. There’s posers everywhere. My friends said that’s poser. I didn’t even see the… Read more »

Cindy Webster

It’s very hard when the one you love doesn’t love you anymore. I haven’t spoken to my ex in a week and it hurts so bad. I go to bed crying, wake up crying, bewildered that I should feel this way when he is clearly not feeling the same. How do heal a broken heart?

Kelli Caudill

I have always allowed myself to grieve. I may put on my brave face in public but I did what I needed to do in private so I could get it out of my system and move on

Tatiana Souza

I’m really hurt now, but I know that will pass. Some people have the power to hurt us with their words and attitudes, but we have to let go and stay strong.

Catherine Shane Villamor Sungahid

I am..and soon I will get immune with the pain..then I will learn to let go.