Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Corey Valentine

For all you guys out there that think shes complaining, shes not she just wants you to listen to her and put her at ease. I’ve made the mistake of thinking the former and ruined things, I regret everyday what i said and i wish i saw this before then. Maybe i wouldn’t have missed out on someone spectacular.

Taazzum Rathore

It is said that a man can not understand a woman !
if this is true, she should better talk to a woman !……….although we are always there to give an ear.

Sheila Mcrae

Some guys dont even be paying attention to their women.when they tell them their problems.they say anything to shut you up quick.and some females will go tell her problems to a guy.that will listen

George DeFazio

I wish a woman wanted to tell me her problems and Vent to me cause I like giving advice I really want to be there for someone who cares enough to tell me their problems or Vent to me

Lissa Youngren

If she can’t confide in you. Don’t be hurt when she finds someone she can confide in.

Daniel de Jesus

But when a man “complains” he’s called a whiny, bitch, child etc. Smh

Brian David Kidd

As you realize she is crazy & the reasons why she is single. Why her ex is not with her in the first place cause he could no longer deal with her abuse. There are a lot of women that want to vent their problems, yet refuse to change themselves and make things better. Sometimes it is better to simply walk away. Why is it that women are always encouraged to open up and men are told to shut up and deal with it? Well because women never learn how to work through the issues that men are forced to… Read more »

Lata Gupta

After saying they think that I am weak that’s why told but wrong and start taking everything for granted

Lubna Mehmood

Its better to keep ur complaints to ur own self, people alwz judge you

Brett Clary

And that is important men! Listen to your wife and give her the time she deserves. For the Lord teaches us to love and respect our other half.

Ruby Bains

Woman has the power to judge a man as she can just see throuhg him.
They respect him cause they love him and feel blessed to have him but mutual respect and u derstanding is must in a relationship

Nancy E. Knop

When someone shares openly with anything they say it’s always important to listen attentively & to let them know they are priortiy:) Roles reversed wouldn’t you like that?

Jeremy Nathan Scogin

It means… shut up and listen… it doesn’t even mean she wants your opinion . Just listen to her… or expect chaos and mayhem lmbo!

Heriberto Yanez

I always encouraged her to vent to me, why have our loved ones seek someone else to vent to? We should not bottle up ANYTHING. It can and WILL overflow in an inopportune moment.

Tobias Markell

I’ve always been the one to listen. I want to understand where my lady is coming from. I want to hear what plagues her thoughts so that I can make her smile as best as I can. I stop all that I do just to hear. Because sometimes that’s all you can do and I would rather listen now to show my woman respect rather than to not to. If you love someone it means flaws and all. No matter how short they come. We are all imperfect. But listening to her can make you perfect in her eyes.

Dusty Jones

It’s always good to listen to a woman when she’s talking to you listen to never interrupt when she’s telling you her problems the best thing to do is just listen and not talk because she loved you and maybe if you help her it can lead to something great and believe me it will be great 😉

Elba Roman

But it also includes that her problems are his problems and that he is dying to hear her thoughts just to know about what is happening inside her mind, heart, and Soul.!

Jen Bradshaw

It means I am letting you inside, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable for you to see. I am allowing myself to accept you and what you have inside into my world. But you broke me. 😞

Teea Uan

Trust is a magical thing. Trust is usually earned but in some rare cases, u might trust someone from the first time u met. Eitherway, i agree. When a woman tells u her problems, it means she trusts u and vice versa. No amount of time can earn u trust. If there is no deep bond, it will forever be a surface relationship.

Louise Cuddington

This…Men are the first to complain about not being listened to but then they have to stop and consider someone else’s feeling and they suddenly lose their shit..

Dusty Brucite

She also does not want help..
. Don’t tell me, if you want help because I’m going to feel obligated to try