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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Margaret Adair

A man’s got to see the worth of his woman but he also has to have God in his life so that he God can make him feel Worthy otherwise you’re going to get a man who only does what he wants to do and has no Direction so how can he run the family and loved his wife when he has no direction HIMSELF

Aaron Poulton

My dear sound handsome strong man,,, calm your tits old son,, some woman are just fucking loons yes indeed bat shit crazy bitches,,, true story

Kameka Stiers

That’s crazy I needed to see this right at this moment. It’s so true

Pooneh Tanaeim

My DAD is a perfect example of this….
Being young at heart and fun to be around us a great plus !!!

Jada Brown

Sigh! I needed that.I got guy problems now and I just can’t sleep.

Angie Reyes

Maybe I never matured either or should I say I’m young at ❤️

Carolyn Rayford

May”” GOD””” show all of us the way to live right. No one can do it with out””””JESUS CHRIST””” show us the way.

Jueaqui Manesca

This goes out for me and my ex… Exactly!

Yenny Heru

it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. it takes a real man to realize that one woman is enough.

Barbie Hernandez-Kinsey

I saw this just at the right moment. I know who i am and i know my worth. Im stronger on my own but I CHose to stay. My kids come first.

Meredith Cummings

True. Is part of the T in Heartless lots of times. Heartless motivates what? You would think the left brain-

Percy Kerrison

What rubbish I seem to be reading from women. You women don’t know what you want. How the hell are men able to work you out. Most men know” always in the shit, just the level varies.” With their partner.

Barbara Hannah

Hard lesson for me to learn. Wish I would have learned it sooner than expecting him to change and waste 15 years of my life. 🙁

Quinto Tellez

I will never understand that mentality, you see the flaws, you see the warnings, you see the patterns but yet you decide to ignore them and think that someone will change down the road, what you see is what you get, there will never be other way!!

Renee Orr-Lynch

I married my ex-husband twice…first time when we were 20yrs old, second time when we were 33yrs old….divorced now for over 5yrs. I said this exact thing….he didn’t grow up, he just got older….. so sad!

Tanika Scott

Soooooo sad, but true. I had to realize the fault was not in me, but him, hard pill to swallow, but with alot of water and help from God, I am swallowing that pill now.

Kate Santos Fernandez

Omg this perfectly fits me ? I realized that I should not stress myself for I did not do anything wrong. He’s just too immature and a kid-like. It really is true that age doesn’t define maturity. Some are already 30-40years but acts and behaves like a teenager.

Ricardo N Sandoval

I think it goes both ways. My ex is 40. Parties like she’s 20. With me at home with the kids. And didn’t work. I know its my bad for putting up with it.

Jessica Young Doria

“Dear handsome strong man, rest your mind; it’s not your fault. Some women never grow up… they just grow older.”

-Mrs. Jessica Doria

Darcie Wasenko

Perfect is right! Now where can a find a good, single, loving, emotionally mature, faithful, accomplished, educated, talented, honest man? Really, I don’t think I’m asking too much, lol!

Ruby Bains

It all depends on how a person has been brought up
And he vll tend to follow tht only