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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Terri Evans

The wrong man will never appreciate anything extra you do for him…but the right man will spoil you back…he out there somewhere

Rad Man

Shit!you know how we men!are!I’m just keeping it real!some time!we make them so mad!some time when they cook for us! They want to poison!our ass! That’s why I do all the cooking!no woman cook for me! I’m the cook! Haha!

Irma Jaramillo

Nope was told that is not the way u show someone u love them….so he lied cheated blamed me for him having to look for attention somewhere else and then left. Married the last girl he cheated on me with destroyed my life and is happily ever after with a new kid. So wtf

Lilit Nagri Pirumyan

Not sure that it’s working,sometimes they are forgetting that you also need some more.Mostly think that you have to do without anything to get from them. Once you have done there is no reaction leave him alone he will never understand and never come to your point,that’s have to be in nature,otherwise no way to change them.Don’t waste your time!!!!

Mette Trøgelborg

Too bad that its not true. If i give love and affection to my man often then im clingy and it doesn’t mean that i get anything back. I usually do not.

Raechel Marie

You can cater to some of them and they just won’t get it. They will say your a good person and then turn around and talk to other women and lie. Sometimes being a good women isn’t enough for some men

Michelle Lawrence

Not true. Sometimes the wife can cater and cater to each and every need and still end up with very little in return. Sounds good in theory but doesn’t actually happen in realty.

Aranda Tania

Why its it always the girl who gotta give her arm to twist,…. I consider my self a good girl and if i get mad are at things he does that I don’t like or appreciate,… Should i let him keep doing what bothers you let him be free dont nag someday he will realize ect ect ect like and what about the girl ? Who understands her?

Shannon Milligan

Not entirely truw. Not every man will treat you right no matter what you do, say, and show him. My husband abused me and the kids and we walked on egg shells for him.

Arlene Stressel

Let’s face it, ladies. The majority of men out there these days wouldn’t know a good woman if she hit him in the face. This is not the 50’s anymore. Relationships HAVE TO BE 50/50!! I work 40+ hours a week, run my household, take care of my child. I will do for him what he does for me. Actually, the last man I was with could never hold a job, always thought he was smarter than he actually is, and ridiculed me because I’ve worked for the same employer for over 20 years. I kicked him out in 2012.… Read more »

Brandie Gubler

Let a Man be a Man and he’ll take care of you both. Let him be himself, don’t judge him, laugh with him, let him be free. Let him talk to you without throwing it back in his face, don’t nag him… let him make his own decisions & watch what he chooses… you’ll be surprised. Let him make mistakes, he’s only human, Forgive and forget… then most importantly MOVE ON. Don’t treat him like a child, he already has a mother. Let him trust you with his secrets, listen when he talks, believe in him, support him, GENUINELY appreciate… Read more »

Api Smith

Depends on the kind of man you have..!! some are so ridiculous…no need to take care of them if they don’t ever appreciate what we do..! or even cheating on you

Denice Isaacs

This is not true, because despite all u do for him , he still cheats and uses u.

Lizeth Garcia Garcia

The wrong man will never appreciate anything you did for him. The right man will simple appreciate all you do for him. Yes the right man will take care for the family. Due our natural roles in life giving by nature. We both have a duty in a relationship.

Chibuzor Mgbemena

Beauty attracts men but wisdom keeps them. Elegance catches men attention but intelligence convinces them. Nagging irritates men but constructive silence weakens them. The ‘boy’ in everyman pumps out occasionally, your ability to handle this, is a woman’s truest maturity. Men have secret struggles and silent pains, should you ever find them out exhibit the greatest maturity. In the long – run your ‘words’ matters more to a man than your ‘looks’, so invest the right words. Earn a man’s respect and he will consider you the yard stick for all his action. Learn to mould the moods of your… Read more »

Michael Imes

I don’t understand how you can lump all men together and all “ladies” together. In the end of you don’t cater to each other it will never be a happy relationship, the side that caters will eventually stop catering AND caring.

Patty Lyons

Not always. I catered to the wrong guy for years. Thank God he moved out. If he’s not willing and actually participating in the responsibilities of the relationship, he’s gotta go.

Shivahn Melendez

If the man is deserving then yes. There’s a lack of real men out there who know how to appreciate a good woman. Ladies be careful who you cater and support.. Wolves will show up in sheep’s clothing but you will know what man is real when he goes above and beyond for you in so many ways and makes time for you. You might have put him in the friend zone tho :/

Lisa Dodd

Ummmm not always true. I’ve met a couple of narcissistic jerks who use and abuse. Love is about appreciation not ownership. When this type of guy figures out he can’t control you, he can’t deal and walks away or if you’re smart you learn his game first and kick him to the curb. So that said, you can “cater to your man” all you want but don’t do so expecting him to “take care of you both” because he will never be capable of doing this as he’s nowhere even close to being a “man.” Real men will absolutely take… Read more »

Kayla Conde-ribau

Thus post doesnt make sense… take care of your man, and he will take care of u both… lol but if u take care of him, he already being taken care of … and fuck this shit. A man should take care of his woman too … a relationship is both parties contributing and both parties appreciating each other… not just women taking care

Morgan Locati

Cater? I disagree that women should ever have to cater, and vice versa. Take care of eachother, respect eachother, love one another for what they do bring to the table.