Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Sean Dingee

Oh boy do I know this and I didn’t even mean to but at the time I was caught up in my own stupidity now im on the outs trying my hardest to fix things not an easy task but she is worth it I love her with everything I have

Panda Bear

Not take a years so heal..is forever… forgive but the heart leave the scratch deeply…can said nv been cure

Jason Gutierrez

No pain worse than the death of your soulmate. It’s been 6 months since my fiancé died and the pain will never be healed

Tracie Vasquez

You will never hurt the ones You love deeply…..If you hurt them than point blank you don’t love them!!!

Lorraine Francis

Yes.. Right.. Cuz the cracks are always there even when u join the broken pieces of their heart..

Sharon Ann de Pedro

Why hurt anyone’s feelings anyway??? Can’t understand that. #clueless

Cold As Stone

These hoes have made it their day job to hurt people

Rudy De Gazón

Never hurt the ones you love

Kris Gathright

After 7 years, I’m still tortured by the pain I did to the greatest woman in the world

Ezinne Richie Uche Uwhubetine

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Betty Stroud Jones

I don’t think u ever fully heal

Karthik Kumar

Couldn’t agree to it more. But the catch is one among the two, most of the time, doesn’t feel so and there is no prize in guessing that they are the ones who hurt.

Katie Comer

Amen. The worse thing ever is to be cheated on with the love of your life for 12 wonderful years and now it’s over and I’m the one left with all the pain.

Marcia Beachler

Sometimes someone gets hurt and we don’t even know it because it was never done intentionally. It only takes years to heal if it is not talked about but held in. I don’t think the majority of people hurt others on purpose so it’s important to examine ourselves also to see why we got hurt and let the other person know that it hurt so we don’t hold on to the hurt.

Vivian Demetillar Ojavan

the wounds still fresh from our past….you hurt me ocean deep…. But i hv to quit from overthinking …..hopefully i can go over it.

Brandie Gubler

I seem to have a big fat ugly ass sign that says “Right here… I’m ready and available for you to hurt me. . FREE FOR THE TAKING!! Come get it…” I have dudes that come back all the time begging “I’m so sorry… u were so good to me… I took u for granted… give me another chance… I was stupid…” Luckily I’m smart enough to not give second chances, EVER. one and done.

Patricia Mannarelli

There hasn’t been one day, that I haven’t thought of the hurt you brought to us. I love you so much Hun, but I don’t know if I could ever trust you again.

Debbie Lechuga

Amen, this is where I am with my husband again, not the first time. I guess he thinks I am dumb and don’t know.

Ikram Ul Haq

hi Emma, People who hurt you teach you the greatest lessons of life , Expection always HURT LOVE both of u LOL

Plater Essence

You can’t avoid hurting anyone. But you can avoid lying to them, cheating and mistreating them.

Renee Campbell

Why does it have to be someone you LOVE. Shouldn’t hurt anyone

Loren Scarbrough

I’m not a fan of healing, if I stop f#cking with you I don’t mind u knowing I don’t f#ck with you 💯