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Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Sobby Singh Hoonjan

When you deciede to have a relationship you are making a commitment. To love ,care, repect and trust one another. Your time toegther will make you closer and good commications will just make you stronger. Love is fantastic …!

Amanda Morris Bain

The ones I have dated or married have not been decent. Most of them have just wanted sex. They all have hurt me. The ones that are decent and want to see me smile are my friends. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Matt Olson

Who wants a relationship that doesn’t have sex? I think the quote should be that not all guys “just” want sex. Sex is a healthy part of almost 100% of healthy relationships.

Victoria Marrufo

I beg to differ… Just met someone claiming to not be that guy and he turned out to be one anyway….?

Russell Ledet

That’s true but it’s not much of a relationship without at least some sex. If I’m in love with a woman, I can not keep my hands off of her.

Sarah Grace

Don’t be too confident when you find someone is decent. The question is, until when? Too many people put on a mask and you get to know the real them when their masks fall off.

Gail Roca

Not all guys are the same sometimes girls don’t know how to select them… They choose wrong the same kind of ? than before

Chad Warner

And these guys are usually the ones taken advantage of and screwed over. Sad but true

David Wh

If you find yourself finding the same type of guy maybe u need to take a step back and look at the type of guys you are going after.

Katerina Topka

That’s supposed to be a joke! Right? Let’s laugh then!!! Aaaahahahaaaaa ????????????????

AkuhZeh Eviang

I’ve been feel that way 1st time i cry a pure crying battle but the lord seems aloft for me that sigh. It can never be happen again no one can ever be the same again. No one can understand my feelings

Mike Shermer

All guys want sex, its just whether its the most important thing or if finding the right person to spend your life with take priority. But let’s not kid ourselves. Everyone wants sex. Its sex.

Lucia Rosario

My guy doesn’t want sex. We live in different cities and he never wants phone sex. When I start getting too sexual in our texts he disappears. I sleep with other guys because I’m 37 and lets face it, I’m at my sexual peak. But he’s the only one I see and hope for a future with. The others are nice but just a bunch of assholes and can’t hide it.

Katie Shull

Well I think it might be possible that those are all taken…..

Elaine Samuel

And I thought I found one. But he seems so/too nice ..it almost seems fake. I am sure its just my insecurities messing with my head. But its really starting to bug me…lol

Alex Krstanovic

I feel sorry for all the women saying there are no decent guys around, you’re just not looking in the right places, we are around but won’t find us in clubs or pubs that’s for sure, also not going to find him if you continue to be attracted to the same type of guys who hurt you in the past, need to take a second look at some of the guys you never give time to, you may just be pleasantly surprised, also, nice guy doesn’t have to be a pushover or weak, open your minds & get out there,… Read more »

Kristen Purpura

But why is the ratio so small: the ones who fake you out (really want just sex) vs the ones who really care (wont hurt you and want to see you smile)

Charlotte Ford

A guy can even draw you in making you believe he is one of those decent and genuine guys but really turns out to be the opposite!! It’s scarey stuff!!

Simi PhoenixArts

I have never come across a guy like this.. i was unlucky in this. Guys i hooked up with hurt my heart or hit me abusive relationship… Better to have distance in my life…

Stacey Koltonow

Huh. I have a different take on this issue. I am a 64 year old widow. I have zero interest in getting remarried but sure would like a friendly comfortable relationship and someone to party with…and if that guy was avoiding commitment and just using me for sex, i would not feel cheated or ashamed. Hell. I would probably put in in neon lights over my house: Hey! I still got it!

Matt McBrayer

This is true, obviously. No being should be subjected to prejudice based on the actions of others of a similar classification. No logical, intelligent person should believe otherwise. Even the cruelest of men could believe this fits them, as self perception is by ones self. Having this view can lead to these men feeling entitled to women, which is also very damaging, believing they deserve them as they are one of the nice ones. These sayings mean nothing and only serve to convince others that the poster is “this” guy, while anyone can share this, even the asshats. Be the… Read more »

Okwuma Judith Chica

well I do believe dat but now, we don’t get to see the genuine men. Every guy wants sex..i have had experiences a whole lot and wen I try giving benefit of doubt, it turns out to be a mess about men. I cant tell wat is in a woman whole men are looking for?..

Dean Fisher

Amen, to that. I love to see a woman who smiles. I love making a woman smile. It’s one of the greatest feelings ever.