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Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Angela Malone

Damn this is so true!!! Saying sorry doesn’t mean anything it’s all about actions that show you love someone and the willingness to change for the person that you love to make this work.

Rebel Sweigert

That’s the only apology I accept. Changed behavior.

Franco F Montez

Only if a lot of people actually meant it.

Cecilia Garcia

Yup, he said sorry but never fixed the problem facebook really sucks at some point!! Access to a lot of strangers….

Hamza Akhachab

I still waiting for the apology

Jill Fine

Action always speak louder than words!

Cherokee Wolf

It is not a true apology if they defend the action they’re apologizing for.

Rach Laureano

Don’t even have to say sorry. Corrected behavior is def appreciated

Jessie Hatfield

I agee. Along with the “I’m Sorry” come change!

Diane Goodhart

SHOUT OUT‼️‼️‼️ Were you listening..Apparently not?

Sonya Ybarra

And when was the apology?

Gina M Borja

I apoligized and tried for years to show I was truly sorry but it still was just not enough ?

Kasia Lianne

Sorry is a word used by someone who is just trying to end a disagreement but doesn’t actually understand what they’re sorry for, they will repeat the same thing later on. There shouldn’t be a reason to say sorry in the first place. If you are sorry, don’t say it, show it ?

Valencia Paula

Fuck your apology.
Apologizing will never make a difference nor will the actions cause in some cases the effect it causes has no repair what so ever.

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

Plenty of people in the world can say i’m sorry and still only have their own agenda in mind. Do they really mean it. Why the sudden change of heart are they only after what’s under the waist line again.

Nakia Nichole

Depending on whom is apologizing, I may not really believe it in the first place. I may give you the peace of mind that I believe it. But I don’t. I’m far from stupid. Some ppl apologize but aren’t genuine at all. Their actions are the same and they believe everyone is stupid but them. One thing I have learned is that an idiot can learn to
“get over” on ppl but they will never learn to stop being stupid.

Fatimah Mohamed

always apologizing to the error that you know is not yours so that your family relationship is not dissolved oh , the resultaso is just the most cases that does not apologize is what makes again and again hurt

Laura Shantha Schou

All I can say sorry. But it’s all about action. If you do not realize that your wrong actions are repeated and you do nothing for the improvement , then it is lost.
Then you have lost love of your life in front of you because . Your own selfishness.

Mohamed Ebraheem

True ,actions speak louder than words …you can say words more and more but ,still meaningless if not correlated with true actions

Janie Vela-Poncio

If you even get an apology. This, too, diminishes any great love that was once there.

Stefani Brown

Certain things shouldn’t be done in the first place and are unforgivable…fuck that shit…

Tina Brown

Exactly, no point in apologizing if u dont mean it