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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kathryn Aziz

What if the man your with hurt/ broke you down, but then made you smile again? But then you always have that hurt feeling inside you..

Rayya Maxim Rayya

Still only myself and my family whom making me smile now 🙂 🙂

Gina Kimberly

Divorce is never an option in married when two partners love each other and have then agreed to love each other, they should be able to stand their ground, endure, face the challenges that life bring to them.I have been married for 15 years but as soon as we got married it seemed like we were now room mates, i couldn’t really imagine what have happened because the reason why we got married at first was to live together in love because we love each other. I endured for years hoping that he would change but did not, and also… Read more »

Imran Khan

i want real lady real relationship with me i m single come add


Sara Essam El Din

Actually anyone who left a mark on our hearts positively or negatively…matters ..cause they change us for good..

Aaron Conyers

You don’t need anyone else to make you smile again… you deal with it and make yourself feel better 🙂

Kirc de Guzman

What if the one who make you feel that way is also the one who make you feel the latter? Should you take the risk and give it a try once again?

Billie Satava

The only reason I smile is for my family, no matter how much I hurt in the inside. I hope eventually the pain will go away but for the meantime, I smile.

Kanai Lal Dey

“Who hurt you & put you down do not matters and who make you love matters” can’t be put together & considered in same perspective .How does it not matter when a person gets heart ? How one does forget hurt by insult or by any other means ? However who makes one smile matters but if one forgets his hurt ,he or she will be down to his/her consciousness.

Jasper Macatangay

Sometimes, they we’re hurt because of the truth…they just dont want to accept it…but in the end, that person will made a smile on their face again…dont be blinded on others who just got in your life, because anyone can give u a smile in your face, but they cant give u the love that u ever wanted..U were hurt because you know how to love…Giving you smile doesn’t mean they love u…everyone can do that…Be patient, Fights always there…leaving someone is not the answer but a good communication, understanding and be a good listener…

Josephine Catameo Sanchez

very true just leave all thing’s behind a part of moving on to let it go to all the bad thing’s happened. Keep smiling no one know what really inside your heart. Be strong and breath deeply you can move on…

Pooneh Tanaeim

My man bought love and laughter back into my life. At times, I can’t stop dancing around and giggling?. Love is a beautiful journey ?

Maria Teresa Arigo

Smile even you have problem just to pretend you ok