Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Heather D Farley

& when he regrets it he will always come back once his anger is gone & try to get her back even if she is with someone she’s happy with. ?

Hans Steine

Silence and poor communication allows this to continue. Sometimes things that push one away are not obvious to the offender…

David Wilde

And then you’ll remember all the times she cheated on you emotionally. When confronted she’d just bring up old things to show that we all make mistakes but of course she doesn’t count her mistakes as mistakes because it’s always someone else’s fault. She’d call you an idiot, put down any of your efforts, say things like ‘I hate when you always say you love me because that just demeans the phrase ‘I love you’. Eventually, the guy she ran off with, who had ‘more potential’ btw, ended up getting habitually cheated on her until she finally grew up and… Read more »

Tyler Thomas

Sometimes people get bored,undecisive,and when they feel like there isn’t anything going as planned for two years … shi.t. I say f.uck. the bs be happy or leave . Repetition of the same attitude towards the original relationship will always be the same.

Aăă Neăr

That’s my ex, I done everything for him when we were together 4 and half years. We broke up because he cheat, lie, hidden from me, treat me so poorly. I caught the message she texting him. So I left him, I block his named from fb. Now he opened new account to reach me, want me back. Sorry I don’t step back, I step forward. I hope he have a good life with a cheater 🙂

Desiree Ishcah Pagan

But why does it have to get to that point, to love, appreciate, and recognize her worth when it’s too late? When the hurt and damage is already done and so much time has passed by?

Chris Yepes

Hell naw. That girl was fuckd up in the head. Theres a reason why people argue in the first place. Move on. Too many woman out here to worry about girls

Jenny Hollingsworth

It’s not that you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. The truth is you knew what you had you just never thought you would lose it.

Ivan Garcia

Totally agree. She was amazing girl that loved me and cared for me. But in the long she was treating me like I was no body and use her anger to get what she wanted from me. 3 years of anger building inside of me finally came out and told her I had enough I needed a break. I’m at wrong that now i want to see if could fix what happen or should I move on?

Kathy Harrigan-Ross

She will be bringing that guy a cup of coffee with a kiss and a smile before his feet hit the floor everyday.

Corrinne Grijalva

The sad truth is he never will …I wish him well .but I’m so happy to find my happy ending with a man who loves me for all my flaws and still can say to me each day I love you..I’m blessed

Billie Quadlin

Sad when people can’t see what’s right in front of them! I guess your only the best thing that’s ever happened to someone if that’s the way they actually feel.

Sherri Herring

He’ll never be able to forget her and will never be able to find her in anyone else he’s with. She is one of a kind and at one time he was lucky enough to be her one and only.

Darcie Comstock Curtis

I have loved a man who claimed to love me but didn’t make me a priority. I know I deserve more and now have someone that knows how to treat a woman right.

Federico Fortes

This would be the opposite for me. My ex cheated on me 4 times, with a guy who cheated on her…. All the pain I went through, made me stronger and now I will find someone better than her.

John Kline

Just love how it’s always the women guys need to do yet the guys who give everything tI women to be cheated on while working to support her and family get shit on

L.j. Estacion

When you get married you make a commitment. Do your vows and remain faithful to each other. But when your wife shows signs of cheating its probably because it is true. I’m tired of people making these quotes about men. You know damn well women are as bad as men. I have two great kids during my marriage but my ex wife decided to cheat on me with another man with two kids of his own. I tried to forgive her and look past it but she was already ready to leave and abandon her family. Advice to the men… Read more »

Danny Rivera

Sometimes two people love each other but aren’t good for each other. So no matter how much you love somebody sometimes you have to let them go because you both weren’t treating each other right. It sucks and heartbreak is the worst but being in a toxic relationship is worse.

Sanaa Akbar

No one realizes. But losing that person means you are going to screw your life so bad. So,act on time, value him/her. Do the right thing before it is too late.

Molly Dunn-Hardy

Or she’ll stretch out in her queen size bed, stick her face in her ginger cat’s belly, and then put on perfect eyeliner to drink coffee in the sunshine, and enjoy not worrying about you. ??

Divyansh Sharma

And at the end you’ll finally know that you don’t deserve that girl…and that women is in the hands of right man finally!!

Ashish Lambah

One day youll wake up in the morning and what happened to the man who used to be there no matter how much u pushed him away. You will remember all the things he has done for you and all the pain you have put him through.you will realize how important he is and how amazing he is.and when that day comeshe will be waking you with kisses with your favourite chocolate in righthand and tea in other and saying darling my day starts with you sweetheart, you are the best thing happened to me.

Lorraine Small

The last guy I dated loved me to death.I let him go ,so he can grow up and appreciate himself first.I know he hates me.but he will never forget me.

Aakanksha Kherajani

here people r saying that try to get her back again..coz nw u realize ur luv..to f*** with u guys.. nw when she is happy u want her back..Where were u wen she was crying fr u.? who has given u men right to spoil our happiness..? Such people only deserve loneliness coz they r only selfish morons who don’t evn knw wat love is

Erika Garcia

The problem is that when he realizes it is going to be kind of late because he will also realized he is married now?