Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Danyelle Angus

i always question my gut instinct but it always turns out being right anyway. which can be a blessing and a curse. sometimes you just don’t want to know things lol

Sahil Bansal

One thing which we hate is running into the past. There were stories which were in our hands some which were not ; there are so many regrets we have and so many dark secrets in our heart . We hate running into so many people because of pain they gave , we are glad to let some people go and we are delighted about pleading someone into staying because of chemistry you shared . We have to admit that the past is always hauntingly beautiful – Yes, you have done a blunder and somewhere inside you are glad you… Read more »

Jason Bunetta

Not always, because had I trusted my vibe I would’ve been wrong several times….

Pai Meethissom

Well for this time I trust my gut feeling above all else 😉

Pamela Backus

Womens intuition! Its real, gotta practice tuning into it more often!!

Kristie Boettcher

I ignored it this time…

Monique Guerrero Gomez

Thanks for the reminder..

Melanie S Bruce

Oh man if I would have I know life would be different now. You can bet your bottom dollar I do now

Tamara Huovinen

Always do and they’re always right!!!

Rashad Sims

tru sometimes u feel like somethin is up

Matthew Buhler

We all do at times it has been wrong also though

Ailyn Bazan

This is absolutely true!!

April Burke

I have always trusted my gut and it was never wrong. When my husband started acting differently than usual, my mind and gut told me “he is cheating, do not have sex with him.” Sure enough, he had been cheating and got an incurable STD from his ex girlfriend who he was fucking. I got actual proof that he was cheating and he had a STD before he tried to have sex with me again. I confronted him about the STD. He made all kinds of excuses, even after he knew I spoke with his doctor. Ladies and gentlemen: trust… Read more »

Lisa Clarke

when you have to question if you are really loved, if you will ever be his priority and not just an option. when you have heard the same lies, broken promises over the years. Actions speak louder than words and if he had promised something more than once and still left waiting for the right time then the likelihood is that you will never become his priority and will always only be an option for him to pick up or drop when ever he feels like it. be strong walk away and maybe give someone else a chance to make… Read more »

Julie Barnes

Yes!!!!!! My husband is still cheating no matter what lies come out of his mouth! Don’t know why I put up with it! At least I’m not in the dark any longer! I know who, and what he is now! Trying to find my own personal peace! I should just get on with my life! Love is a bitter sweet bitch! My gut is always right on!

Michaela Renzi

Like a cheating, lying boyfriend who puts Coke up his nose and can’t keep his TINY dick in his pants???? SUCKER for punishment!!

Bianka Bódy

i know i should but just don’t want to. ever. something is off with everybody so why should i ignore someone i like if anybody else has some other “offs”?

Petrina Duffy

The gut instinct,oh yes.

Jen Chichester

Toward the end of a relationship I was in, I knew he was at least emotionally cheating. I told my cousin this over the phone. I knew it was with a co-worker, but I wasn’t sure which one. I was right. If he and I had been in as meaningful a relationship as I had thought, I never would have had my suspicions, and he wouldn’t have sought out someone else. You live and you learn, but your instincts are something with which you should communicate when they are happening.

Willard Burrus

if i trust my gut felling and went with the vibes i wounded be were i am right now. so i just dill with it and take it with a grain of salt and go on.

Brianna Venson

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David Hitchman

Or just trust in God that he will help you.

Pooneh Tanaeim

Woman should always go with their intuition:)
Stay positive ! Give good vibes to the universe ✨💜✨💖

Melissa Lutes

Yep…. But sometimes you don’t wanna believe it…