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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jessy Villagrana

This must be when u have no kids. … if i get a call at 2 am I’m gonna b like why do u hate me if u love me you would let me sleep! Just bring me breakfast in the morning and I’ll know u really love me Lol

Javier Lemus

You call me at 2 am I’m getting rid of you real quick. I need to sleep, I actually work for a living you know?

Melissa Kelly

No you deserve somebody who doesn’t do that ? 2am man

Leah Wolford

…unless it is your crazy ex-boyfriend who has found your phone number! That’s a different kind of sign.

Cheri Steele

Nope….no woman does…..moms tell your daughters that such a call is ” a booty call”. Don’t answer…..have respect for yourself.

Vonya A King

If you call me at 2 am to say that you can’t sleep without me, im coming over for the sole intent of stabbing you in the neck with a paper clip. Fr fr.

Paul Leacock

And if you love with that person.. It means YOU, DON’T FIT ON THE COUCH, my back hurts.. CAN I RUB YOUR …… BACK?? anything to get back in that bed…. Or is that just me…. Hhhhmmmmm. Tell the truth.. C’mon. Know … Hahaha

Joros Guanzon

If you love her, be considerate enough not to call at 2am. Let her have a restful night then call or message her early in the morning.

Tamara Youngblood

Ppl to busy worried about looking weak or soft these days and therefore unable to allow themselves to be vulnerable or even “naked” to the person they truly love. They’ll rather have them walk out the door than to let their guard down

Rachel Swords

Not if it happens every night and you are a senior in college and you have a full load and you’re studying for the GRE…and you get phone calls at 2 or 4am, not to check on you, but “oh, I just wanted to talk…” Got real old real fast.

Shadrach Thoagerega

2am?, i sleep to hve good rest ma maximum time to hve rest is 7-8 hours a nght. u call me during [email protected] time i aint answering u’re call. what matters is i luv ma friend and who wud like to disturb them from peaceful rests.

Mkosana Sihlahla Kenneth

Usually those calls comes from people who are coming from parties and they feel horny,too much jealous type,or from a person who didnt answer you coz they busy cheating now they find a gap to talk to you so you dont ask them what happened. After all from someone who’s hiding something very nasty i’ve done it before for years

Jennifer Mirza

No,don’t need that ,I need someone who can have same goals as me and call me everyday at 10am say baby it’s time for pick up more money lol that’s my man . now days sweet mouth don’t work on perfect girls anymore

Sierra French

NO! I deserve silence while I sleep. Too bad if you can’t sleep. Watch TV. Take a bath. Go make a burger. Let me sleep or you will suffer a wrath you will not survive tomorrow.

Netty Rivera

2am? If u don’t realize that until 2am (when the bars close) then don’t bother calling.

Whoever wrote this is extremely insecure if that’s what u think you “deserve”.

I’d call this a slap in the face

Dave Rensink

That’s stupid and desperate. You need someone who calls you at 7 to take you to dinner and hang out and tell you then

Melanie S Bruce

Usually those are called booty calls just saying

Ana Caroline Moura

I’m in a long distance relationship so we Skype every night to sleep “together” and sometimes the call hangs up due to bad connection so we set our Skype to answer automatically so if the call drops and we wake up in the middle of the night he calls me back or I call him, Whether it’s 2, 3 or 4am ?

Jennifer Martes

Awee so tru Cuz my man texts me sweet things when he can’t sleep in middle of night