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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Cindy Eggers Yahl

Unfortunately this is hard when only one wants to hold the umbrella

Gloria Schafer

So DAMM true!! I love you baby and My SIL!!! Leilani adores mommy & daddy as one! SO glad my son in law prefers to be home with his family THAN the bars!!God is GREAT!! God blessed my family with a great son in law and DADDY to Leilani!! My daughter is a lil BRAT tho. Still love you babygirl!! Lol

James Penta

We’ve, but we need to breakaway from the storm at some time. Too have peace and some comfort in this world. Even if it’s just you and I, no material things.

Michael Pagano

As long as they BOTH are under the umbrella while the storm comes. People somehow think this saying means it’s normal to go through storms. NOT if the storms are caused by someone in the relationship it’s not

Valerie Alderete

When one person wants to hold the umbrella it wont work. And the other person lets go. Smh i thought we could get threw it all together i guess our love wasn’t worth fight for.. I guess it didnt mean that much for you. So for now i just hold the umbrella for myself.

Carmen Cable

This is true only if both people take 100% into the relationship to make it survive.

Anthony Sanders

Well, ladies n gentleman im walking in the rain with my true love, i know that it will be a day when we agree to disagree, but if we can’t sit n talk it out no matter how good r bad then walking wit umbrella is not a good thing. Lets just get wet n start over

Luke Mann

I was in a relationship where the other person wanted to hold it all the time but now I’m hoping me and my sweetheart are willing to share control of the handle. I know I am

Sukanda Laesanklang

That is for real love relationship but not at all ,it’s is?

Josephine Apid

Never give up try to save your marriage/relationship as long as you can and as long as you still love each other.

Liduvina Kirby

Only he ripped the umbrella out of my hands ? oh well he was never ready for an open, honest, and committed relationship

Jay Black

theres no trust or real love in relationships anymore. its always one person who actually loves the other, but the other person doesnt really care. No wonder trying to get a relationship is hard. If something like this hqppens to you, juat remember to make sure you cause the fucker who hurt u a big deal of shit. see how they like those apples

Haleh Flick

This one is debatable! It is hard to carry a dead wait and work hard to try to force him to come and stand under the umbrella with you and hearing him complaining about “how tight it is to stand under this umbrella together”! Can you imagine?