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Dec 30, 2017
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20 Funny Belated Birthday Memes For People Who Always Forget

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Whether it’s because of a jam-packed schedule or your annoying habit of forgetting things, missing out on your friends’ birthdays is never a great thing. You’ll disappoint them and make them feel bad on their special day.

So, to help you make it up to them, here’s an awesome belated birthday meme collection we’ve collected just for you.

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A Belated Birthday Wish 

Everyone Sent You Birthday Wishes Yesterday

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday Forgot At Last Moment

Happy Belated Birthday Gnomesayin

Birthdays Are Special Days

Happy Belated Birthday Oh God

Happy Belated Birthday There Was No Network In Jungle

Happy Belated Birthday You Angry Dawg

Happy Belated Birthday You’re Old

I Don’t Always Say Happy Birthday 

I Know You Had Lots Of Wishes Yesterday

I Never Forget Your Birthday Buddy

I Would Say Happy Belated Birthday

I’m A Little Behind 

Sorry For Being Slow

Sorry I Didn’t See Your Birthday Coming

Sorry I Missed Your Birthday

Sorry I’m Late

This Isn’t A Belated Birthday Message

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