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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ashley Lynn

And I must say, usually someone can tell when they are being talked about behind their back. I always have a gut feeling and it’s rarely ever wrong. So most of the time I know I’m being talked about but I just don’t say anything.

Alysha Brooks

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Jonice Lynn

Fuck what “they” say and think! I’m free from all that!!! Living MY life!

Narcie Medrano

Who cares let them talk all they want they must not have a life besides gossip

Janice Clarkson

Right. But sometimes silence is mistaken for weakness. .

Manju Shamin

Exactly. To all the idiotic fools.who keep plotting & Bitching, lol. Pooor you

Angela Trawick Pollock

A strong woman does not give 2 fks about what anyone else thinks of her. ????

Charlene Beasley

This strong and quiet woman confronts if it becomes consistent disrespect. What you allow will persist.

Cora Harp

Some people want to relive their high school days. Ignore them.

Kristina Davis

Working with women!!!! It’s like high school all over again, but are you smart enough to figure it out! Lol!!!!

Rizwan Razi Razi

“If you are too spiritually weak to worship as you should, mend the holes in your worship with weeping and humble du’a.”

~ Imam Ibn-Ata-illah-Al-Sikandari رحمتہ اللہ علیہ ?

Aira Forsander

If somebody wants to speak behind my back it’s not my problem even their own problem ?
If they don’t dare to say it face to face I don’t bother to be with them ?

Brian David Kidd

That’s funny,
Cause all the women that claim to be strong.
Their the ones that are not remaining silent.
Their the ones that are yelling and screaming at you.
To prove that your wrong.
Then all the sudden if you raise your voice to her or prove her wrong.
She switches into victim mode all the sudden.
Got you asking what happened.
All in her being a Strong Woman and her feeling that she has the right to always win.

N Gayle West

If someone comes to me and wants to tell me something someone else said behind my back, I ask them not to tell me. I ask them if they believe what was said was true. Of course, they say no. Then I ask if they told the person who said it that it wasn’t true. If they didn’t, then they have not stood up for me. A true friend would stand up for me and not just come to me to tell me something hurtful that someone else said. To me, they are no more of a friend than the… Read more »

Paula Cobler

No matter who u are, what u look like or where u are there will always b those who talk behind our backs. I have never had a job where it has not occurred. Even some of our family members and friends will hurt us. I have learned that I have to forgive them even if they don’t ask me to. It’s not easy most of the time but it’s freeing. You see I”m not even close to being perfect. But by all means if it happens too often stay far away from that person because it can destroy you.

Ryanne Diggs

Exactly. I don’t feel the need to entertain anyone that decides to talk about me. Seems like they are doing such a good job of that already. lol?

Lilia Zaraspe

Cause she flirty and kiss all the man…..what did you call that….. cheap….she can’t do anything what’s the people say behind her back….and is not a foolishness!!! Got it….

Luvlia Hr

Juz ignore when ppl talk behind us..Probably they hv a biggest problem which they can’t settle by their own..Ironically..they r jealouz abt us that we r better than them..Heck care what they wanna say..Don’t give a d*mn paying attention to them..Juz walk off..?

Lee C DesRosiers

We have bigger, better and more important things to be concerned about. Oops and checked none of it has anything listed related to you at all. Living life adulting!!!

Stephanie Drury

I agree, and it’s sad when some people have such sad lives that they feel like they need to trash others in order to feel better about themselves.

Anthony Adams

That should go for anybody. And strong has nothing to do with it. That’s intelligence. Morality. Elegance. If a person is sitting around talking about anyone behind their back….it just shows how weak they are and a waste of consideration!!!

Annette B. Cruz

Staying quiet doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing to say. It means you don’t think they’re ready to hear your thoughts.