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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Amanda Henson

What I feel like summed up really well. Not with the person and that’s ok. But I never felt good enough for him but always felt like he was too good for me. Even at his worst. I was right there.

Corienne Lewis

U never miss the water till the well runs dry…one person’s trash us another person’s treasure

Matt James

Human beings are never contented with what they have….always finding faults

Louise Cooper

I guess that means I’ve found the right one. He loves me and refuses to let me go.

Alysha Brooks

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Heart Summits

Yesterday I looked at a picture of us and missed the way your arms felt around me the way your breathe tickled my neck when you hugged me from behind secrets kissed against the curve of my shoulder Today I realized that I don’t miss you I miss being happy and you are simply a face in all my good memories You have left a hole where my heart was though it is not you I miss but my heart. Tomorrow I will rise from bed and my hands will not shake when I realize you are not here. There… Read more »

Ibrahim Hagras

No one is ” The wrong Person ” in our life. Every thing happens for a reason and everyone shows up in our life for a reason. We should do our best in any ways. Who knows who is ” The Right/Wrong person ” for us!. We might consider someone ” The Right ” and after all we find out we were wrong. Absolute best is meant to be done with everyone as we possibly think he/she is the right/wrong, might be the wrong/right!. 🙂

Jet Refuerzo

it is being contented with your partner.. no one’s perfect.. it takes maturity to stay..


When the wrong people leave your life,the right things start to happen.

Danely Baumet

I know that now … I thank God for having you in my life, for always being there for me, through thick and thin, loving me even when I’m not loving myself. ❤️❤️

David Sorel

Unfortunately ,Some lessons are learned after the fact !!!! Oh well, As the saying goes , “TOO LATE SMART, TOO SOON OLD ” !!!!!!

Shawn Paul Gaddy

Sometimes people need to change the bad things about them selves to be able to be in a healthy relationship.. just the way it is..

Victoria Traft DeHaan

Princess, at your worst you are very loveable. .St your best othetd can’t catch up…You are a force to be reckoned will. You are kind, generous, thoughtful and a wonderful mom…You can’t and should not be what others expect you to be..Be your own captain of your boat…Don’t let anyone take the wind from your sails.. You’re beautiful and you are unconditionally loved ..Believe in yourself and let anyone that away from you…!

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Sad…that’s because, there are a lot of fake & evil people in this world. So, they better return all of these to me now asap: my check worth P1B, my plaques/awards plus all the gifts that I’m supposed to get last December 16, 2014. As well as these: my house & lot, my appliances, my car, my insurance, etc. Otherwise, they will now be in BIG TROUBLE NOW SOON, FOR LIFE!!! Because, they will go to jail now soon, for life & their co. will go down now soon as well. Aside from that, they will pay me… Read more »