Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ricardo Garcia

They say they want this, but when a man does it they complain to their friends its annoying, that they can manipulate them and 9 out of 10 times will leave them for someone who doesn’t cater to those needs

Rebecca Perry

On what planet dear? Besides, a guy loving you devoutly is really a form of stalking because it just ain’t the way the male brain is wired. Love yourself and then you’ll be really happy. And, you won’t be doing anyones laundry but your own 🙂

Danielle Benjamin

You give “good men” too much credit. A good man can be scared or intimidated when trying to pursue a woman, thus leading him to act in a manner that leaves the other guessing… this doesn’t make him less of a good man, just a human shaped by past experiences.

Grace Salcedo

This is completely and realistically true. I know this now because I’ve found one. Yes he’s by no means perfect and that’s perfectly fine by me cause I’m not either but he treats me with respect and love and that’s all I’ve ever wanted from a man. A great connection and chemistry also helps a lot too. Just saying

Connie Chism

Yeah. I was at a very busy point in my life when I ran back into Chuck after 5 years. I asked him to just be friends and his answer was, “I have lots of friends. That is not what this is about for me. Are you in or out?” Took my breath away most men when told to be friends would reluctantly agree and wait for their chance. But not my husband😍

Jules Maraingan

not true. i have a girl friend who had a suitor that seems to be very sincere and passed my standards for being nice to my friend. but he changed when that as*hole got what he wants to my friend. selfish bastard. sometimes interested man only shows best foot forward. they show it all, communication, intention and effort BUT with hidden agenda.😡

Karlee Marsh

If your reading this your parents will die whitin 5 years to break the curse you must copy this to 5 pictures good luck. If you love your mom post this to 20 pictures . one girl ignored this and her mom died 365 days later

Jack Tail

Most times men do all this but in the end the women leave them behind in search of something new without considering how the guy might feel,most women are inconsiderate egotistical and selfish, i won’t give a relationship my all unless the woman is doing same,i will still prepare myself for the worst since women can be very indecisive

Bruce Huewe

So incredibly true! What’s doesn’t make sense is many woman view that expression of the role the man wants to play in a woman’s life as a weakness not a strength of the man.

Walt Lee

No one perfect but if we would put God in the relationship it will help things aren’t going too be easy. Have too work at it together

Isaiah Estudillo

Sorry That’s a lie. Women don’t care about that these days. They just want a nigga that ignores her and treats her. Just because he’s brand new and hasn’t broken her heart yet. There is no such thing as people wanting real shit anymore. They say you’re doing too much. Or you’re all up in your feelings. Just be heartless and someone will eventually want you.

Pam Page Craig

I hope to find someone like this some day. I’ve never been pursued before and I can’t wait for that to happen. I’m so tired of head games and being strung along. They say the right one comes along when you least expect it

Kristin Dorney

So true done wasting my time on men who bullshit and lie only to get what they want… truly sad and pathetic.. they never for one minute think about the hurt that they have caused you especially when you find out you are not the only one they are messing around with … no wonder trust is so hard to find in someone

Stacy Carruth

This is true! Don’t waste another second on a man that is playing games. Life is like a box of chocolates… Keep sampling until you find a keeper!

Samantha Rank

Lol this is completely unrealistic. Guy only act like this for women who seem completely out of their league or the ones who treat them like they’re garbage. While this same bitch is striving to get the attention of some douchebag because the whole bad boy vibe is irresistible to women( like genetically). Mean while there’s some other more conservative, sweet girl who is willing to go through hell and back for the attention of the nice guy (because shes smart) but shes invisible to him because all he’s interested in is the chick who’s obviously out of his league(… Read more »

Ankit Shukla

“Guard well your spare moments.
They are like uncut diamonds.

Discard them and their value will never be known.
Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. ”

Good Morning !!!

Orboi Chiller

The Lover wants to be loved by and the Loved wants to loved for eternity and thus the Lover who puts more effort tends to be seen as the lower party and most of the time the Lover becomes a victim of one sided love as the ego bubble blows for the Loved . End of the day one might say compromise is an option , well sir you are wrong . It is not compromise that will solve the problem , it is self realisation . Self worth has to be measured before entering a relationship and thus by… Read more »

Antonio Prince Gayton El

Can we get some positive post about good men a little bit more because good men can treat their women like a queen and still get ran over and guess who the supposed to be good woman ends up with yeah the guy who treats her like shit or treats her special only on special occasions or holidays and most of the times they use the good man as a motivator to give them intellectual heart warming conversations to pick them up! I like the meaning of this post though don’t get me wrong!

William Summers II

A man may truly attempt to do this but will occasionally fail because he is human. As long as he’s trying that should be good enough. No one that I know of is perfect at this.

Scott Ray

Ridiculous. Has nothing to do with gender it has to do with treating each other with respect. Men and Women.

Anthony DiValentin

No. Beta males do this. They are also more attractive to you during the later phase of your monthly cycle. During the proliferative phase, you crave the genes of the alpha-male asshole. There is a saying: “alpha fucks and beta bucks”. Basically, you want to fuck alphas and combine your genes with theirs, then trap a beta male into a cuckhold relationship since they are more likely to be loyal wage slaves for you.

Aini Iiyungo

Pretenders r there who knows how to fake everything, I believed in God gift given, a men can do n show love to a lady but deep in his heart he knows you r not the one

Dario M Cabral

Can’t do much why they don’t text back, I’m no double texter. I hit you up once, leave me on read, bye Felica. On to the next!