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Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ronaldo Cruz

Only the One True Almighty Living God can take care of your soul and by the way that is in a good and blessed way. His way, truth & life. Be blessed by the King ?

Tonya Lee

This is what I long for. I don’t care about material things. I need someone who’ll feed my soul!!

Lizeth Garcia Garcia

Indeed without love there is nothing it is both physical and spiritual care, love and attention as well.

Cele Delos Reyes

getting old waiting for a man who knows how to take care of my soul??? I’m happy taking care of my soul now. lol

Luvlia Hr

Do not fall in luv with face & body..Fall in luv with the spirit..HEART ❤️ & character..Be someone who is really taking care of ur condition..to ensure that u hv a pink in health/heart ?..Be with someone who put ur face into smile..all the time..& lastly be with someone who place u into his SOUL ?..☺️?

Ann Evangelista

To be with someone that will take care of me, bot materialistically but my soul, my well being, my heary and everything that is me. #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #marriedlifegoals #roadtoforever #now #goodthingshavebegun #toGodbetheGlory #faithisstrong

Maria Davila

Good night to family friends i have not had a good day ever since Friday with my sister.my husband boss die. Last night watching the buffalo game. I’m very hurt and very sad.

Kevin Jackson

She had it, but divorce any way life happens and we move on. One time shot at life, be honest, protect your honor and integrity, respect everyone and love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ela Ladeza

Well I guess not all like to be taken care of. That person I love just said that I aggravate him just cause I care about him and his well being 🙁

Polen Ulanday

Everyone knows their worth and what they deserve..so hoping/wishing/praying/imagining/thanking for this “someone” is not bad at all..(I am praying for this)

Cody David Lindsay

Honestly I’m tired of taking care of people materialistically when that is all they ever want and can care less about their spiritual life. If someone takes care of me materialistically they’re just signing up to be codependent, something I don’t ever fall for

Albert Coutiño Jimenez

The only one who can take care of our soul is Jesus Christ. That’s why many couples fail because we give someone the right to fulfill something that only God can.

Nnaji Joan

Am sorry,but only GOD can give one these things. No human born of man can….Do not be deceived and expect so much from a mere mortal,cos you will only be setting a wonderful pace for disappointment and heartbreak. Be warned!

Cherrylyn Lucas

Sweet…but, the only one who can take care of your soul is your soulmate. Because, you have a connection…together. So, you have to choose your soulmate because you can’t escape from him/her once you’ve already found your soulmate. The feeling & connection will always be there, no matter what you do…it won’t go away. So, once you found your soulmate, you really need to be with him/her…always. Because, your soul will always long for your soulmate. That’s based on the book by Jaime T. Limcauco entitled…Soulmates, Karma & Reincarnation which I’ve read a long time ago.

Sui Generis

We can’t find these from humans… All of us have conditions in living and loving.. This quotation is a manifestation of conditional love..??? only ourselves can take care of our souls and accountable for actions. Trusting Heavenly Father while doing what we should do. is the best way to live our life.. ???

Areesha Ali

Yes.. that kinda person who loves you for being you , who just take care of your soul is so rare and t to find that one precious dimond in this materialististic world is not impossible..so take acre of your heart and safe it for that person who deserves it…

Conrad Soabas

I’m not sure where she is. I’ll just be doing my thing until she decides to show up. Women I know only know how to care for people materialistically. So the one I seek is yet to cross my path. I’m not holding my breath, but I’ll be hoping.

Alex Castillo

let me know if she ever show’s up, in the mean time i’ll be taking a nap