Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Tony Martinez

It was one of my favorite things to do, I loved calling her beautiful and watching her face light up. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her, she will come back to me when she’s ready. 💔😔

Lorie Marie

I love when I hear my baby call me ” beautiful. Greet me ” Good morning beautiful and hi beautiful ” or how’s my beautiful baby.it feels GREAT!

Faye Wh

That’s my first, last and middle name. Oops. I meant hers.

Candice Fisk-Diehr

Only happens in a text, when he’s out of town. And he wonders why I blow him off….🙄 whateves!!!

Naveen Raghav Jha

Fake pampering.. Absolute nonsense.. Why cant u suggest to be real..??

Ashley Keegan Bailey

Awe baby this is only a part of what makes me the luckiest lady breathing

Clayton Barrie

After saying it more then 10 times it just becomes another name they drowed out or take advantage of.

Monica Pena-Taron

My husband…every morning …everyday!!! I am thankful for him!!!

Brad Kollar

I do call her that, but she’s still choosing to move in with a guy who doesn’t love her anywhere close to what I do.

Luvlia Hr

If someone called ur name & followed by word “BEAUTIFUL” & I think that day will be ur awesome day for the whole entire day..I believe..☺️🌹

Emily Calbario

So much thankful and well appreciated when someone tells me that ” I’m beautiful “

Kevin Paglia

I try to tell her at least three times a day. Good morning beautiful in the morning, hello beautiful when she gets home from work, and goodnight beautiful before bed.

Paul Halley

I did is a lot and when she moved and our relationship turned into a long distance relationship it became hard. Now she wants space and I have gone a whole week without communicating with her has been hard. I miss her so much. She is an amazing woman I will always cherish and am excited for our future. I hope she will come back.

Catherine Coviello

Hi 90% of people marry there 7th grade love. since u have read this, u will be told good news 2night. if u don’t pass this on nine comments ur worst week starts now this isn’t fake. apparently if u copy and paste this on ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of ur life tomorrow. you will either get kissed or asked out in the next 53 minutes someone will say i love u

Dan Henzy

I do every day
I text her with good morning beautiful or gorgeous
And goodnight with which ever I didn’t use that morning.
But either way the day starts or ends with beautiful or gorgeous.

Holly Corbin

It’s really nice to see this with a man an women talking like this. Maybe someday in the near future I will have a man like that. When you haven’t been complemented like that its like wow. I always thinking it was me but I’ve always been myself down to earth. I’ve always been a very simple women I don’t expect a lot. Just respectful honesty truthful. Ive always considered myself just pre that’s all. I’m not a model I would want to be like that….. That’s just not me at all. It’s so nice too see positive in here… Read more »

LeShonda Belton

I wish someone would do this. Time and attention go a long way!