Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Princess Mirian

Not always ☝🏻️… some people make u 4get ur past really but with their latter attitude u’d prefer that past cos the seat becomes even hotter, and most times u can’t even find the courage and strength to walk 😥😥

Ryanne Diggs

Keep them but more importantly…Cherish every moment with them.💖💕

Jemirelle Joy Riosa Maningas

The one make you forget your past is the one make you realize why you left your past. Hahaha

Terry Brunk

It takes a special woman to do that and I had someone to do just that.

Charito Narvaez Lopez

No but no thanks, if there’s someone or something I won’t ever forget it’s my past.CLL/cnl💜🆑

Malou Melendres Prado

I always want to solve my own personal problems. When I say I learned so many lessons from this past situation.

Sam Cottle

Lilly Jade nothing matters whn your around it all goes blank and all i see is you..💘

Dharmendra Kumar

Sometimes they come to make you forget your past and give worst past for future.. :/ 🙁

Jerry Donald Stepp

Good luck with that … most like to throw your past in your face just to say how good they are …. Bern my experience.

Aira Forsander

You can’t forget your past but loved ones can get you just remember these good memories which you can share with your loved one 😍

Saijo Mamaradlo

Nah. He’s just gonna make you forget your past but will also leave you tapos siya naman yung hindi mo makakalimutan. Ganyan sila eh. Mga siopao

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

People can make you forget your past and still do nothing about actually being in your future. They might think they want to yet think and actually being are two totally different aspects.

Paul DeVito III

I’ll never forget my past but if someone gives you the ability to not dwell on it, to not be consumed by it, that’s something special.

Brian Marshall Khumalo

As long as they don’t manipulate it only to hurt you their own way. Choose carefully folks, there are some quality folks out there yes however there are also the wolves in sheep skins who actually (at first might seem) to portray the very traits you’re looking for. Here’s the key – just give it time, patience and careful observation because the real person will surely emerge eventually. #TrueStory #Consistency #TimeTests #LifeLessons

Sarah Rhodes

Anthony you’re it babe. as if getting married didn’t solidify it enough