Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Michael Barnes Sr.

I think this statement is the ultimate closure for people that never got closure 5 to do the same thing take this statement and move forward no matter what was said no matter what was done all the times that you had with somebody want that you had some good times so it was always worth it to be with somebody that you don’t ever feel like you wasted your time it was time well spent

Michelle Roseann Castañeda

yea,it’s worth it knowing and loving u for almost 8 to 9 yrs.so when do u plan of coming to marry me soon

Itz Oluwarotimi Ems Chinko

People never remember the million times you help them, only the one time you don’t.

Awdri Brooks

The past is the past but I’m so thankful for dating POS men cause now they showed me what I truly deserve and want out of a man

Liz Harper Miller

Totally disagree!! Wish I’d never met the man with whom I’ve spent the last 26 years!!

Mohammad Kholief

If one body want to talk about past yeah sure but let be optimistic to say it was and it will be in future because i found finally i was lokking for ☺️

Dusty Jones

Being someone that you left is really hurtful even so that you love them so much and they leave you you just don’t know you have to be with him some more I would say this try to stay with them even if they don’t want you you got to work things out this is one problem with relationships people just leave because they need to work things out you have to do that just say hey look let’s just go sit down and try to figure this out so we don’t leave each other or get into arguments

George Astras

I believe this hole heartedly I will take this pain for our memories I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything. I’ll always Love Ya Lots Babe!!!!

Cristine Cundiff

It sure was a lesson too. You grow from lessons. Thank goodness for that. I can look back and smile for the good but feel oh so happy its over for the sake of my sanity. Wishing him the best. Buuttt never looking back.

Carra McClain

If it was worth it than why would you not still be with them? Cuz otherwise it’s only a lessen and a memory you carry in your heart, mind, and soul….. Worth it means you work on hanging onto it!

Diana Erendira Contreras H

I can only say this to one person so far in my life. Not because of not having closure,(we did, friends now). But because of the great experience, the lesson and the help. Being thought that you can be loved in all the ways you want. There someone out there for all of us. We just have to be patient and really pay attention, appreciate the moment, and never get stuck on your past. That’s what messed me up. I was to hurt to see what was in front of me when someone good and honest came along. To this… Read more »

Mariea V Young

The next line is…
It is a shame you thought alcohol was worth more. Thank you for the good memories. Time will erase the rest.

Guillory Shawn

I bet it was believe me when I say you for sure proved that. Laughing!!!