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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jessica Mangrum

If all that doesn’t happen for me, that means there’s little to no connection or attraction. If I’m feeling calm, we’re not likely to be anything more than friends.

Keith Straley

I disagree, I was literally awestruck when I met my One, and he was too.

Leah Luyando

Um…in the beginning there’s always a little nervousness..

Jefferson Villa

how do we know if she really is your forever, because i don’t wanna get into the relationship that is unsure if they’ll last

Natashya Robin

I am never understood this till now. I always wanted passion. Turns out passion has way to many ups and downs. A constant roller coaster.
I want peace and quiet as well as peace of mind.

Australian Challa

I mind goes blank and I can’t spell the words and heart feels like it’s gonna explode?when I talk with her and it’s first time ever and m 23? ..that’s u can call love ?.so totally disagree whoever wrote this or think like this …

Samantha René Rushing

I felt calm, at ease, and more comfortable than I have ever been…But boom guess what….It didn’t work because we are COMPLETE opposites who can’t understand the other person. Now, I am with someone who give me butterflies, makes my knees weak, and amazes me everyday, BUT he also makes me feel at ease, safe, and completely normal. Sooo best of both worlds I guess that is what was right for me.

Dusty Jones

I don’t know why but when I do see the girl I like I do Shake I do get excited but I really like this girl and I don’t know if she likes me back I just really wish that she had the same feeling for me I know I want to find a soulmate where I don’t have to feel that way but overall every guy or girl is going to start shaking and feeling anxiety because they’re still nervous to talk to them

Antone Schaafsma

it would take you to life times to find the soul mate just find someone that makes you happy and stay truthful respect them and keep it alive little things can make the biggest impact on a person the same with a kind word that stuff is free so spread it around. But there is that old say nice guys finish last i houses full of trophies for that but i refuse to change and be nothing more than the person i am today. Pretending is for pretenders. take care

Iby Omidbakhsh

If that’s the case every girl I walk by must be the one then.

Celeste Frye

As if everything you do with them comes naturally? Nervous sometimes for first time things, but no more nervous than asking mom and/or dad a yes or no question.

Natasha Petty

OMG! This is EXACTLY what I’m experiencing right now!!!!!!!! Calm, super comfortable, at ease. No silly nervousness or jitters…just calm. ??????

Lee Perry Hutton

So what about if…

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on your sweater already, mom’s spaghetti
You nervous, but on the surgace you look calm and ready
To drop bombs, but you keep on forgetting
What your wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud
you open your mouth, but the words wont come out
Your Chokin, HOW!?!, everybodys jokin now
The clocks run out, times up, over blaow

Katrina Ziegler

So…. my grandpa used to get a pounding heart whenever my grandma walked into the room. He was on a heart monitor in the hospital one time and my grandma walked in and the monitor went off because his heart rate went up. Nurses rushed in and he had a goofy smile and said “it’s ok my beautiful wife just walked into the room” there was not one dry eye in that hospital room. I get the same feeling with my boyfriend right now. Butterflies and my heart beats a little faster. I must be on the right track

Amanda Jane Palfrey

I’m not sure I completely agree. I’ve finally got to marry my soul mate (after 20 years of missed opportunities and different relationships for both us) and he still makes me feel like this.

Diana Erendira Contreras H

Haha dam if only I knew more about this. I thought the complete opposite