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Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Miguel Alvarez

It makes sense. Most who are commenting are saying it is impossible, because you can’t give something you don’t have. If you look at it closer it is possible. If you never been given flowers does that mean you cannot give flowers? If you have not been asked, “Are you doing okay?” Does that stop you from saying so to another person you love? Whatever it is that you wanted from another to be requited just act on it. It is simple, but it for most it is not because they fear of being hurt once again, etc. The message… Read more »

Roxana Tellez

So much easier said than done especially when one has become so jaded!

Vinod Salian

It’s a good benchmark in a way…

Julie Mathewson Ewell

I work on doing that, daily.

Hamza Akhachab

I am that love but unfortnatly …

Abid Ali

yeah doing it with the core of my heart !

Brian Mehaffy

Sounds like a recipe for heart break…

Cassie Williams

If you give yourself the love that you never received it will make things so much better in your relationships with others. It’s tough to not be critical or hard on myself, but I work at loving myself everyday and putting my own needs first.

Brett Teubert

I want you to trust me again

Nadia Mateo

I am that love. But sadly nobody appreciates that love. But I’m hopeful. Someday someone will see my love ?

Seven Sophisticatedlady Eagle

Becareful not to burn yourself out and be left all alone

Nick Williams

Impossible when u don’t have any cuz you’ve been destroyed time and time again

Sanne-Marie van den Berg

I am still trying for figue this one out… I tried it, it did not work! Gave my all and more and it did not work……

Janet Manchester

Would love to…..but you need a love to recieve it.

Lendl Quinto

i have loved like there is no tomorrow… but in the end it will hurt like hell. I get back up and now I’m risking another heartbreak with a new love. Don’t know if maybe this time it will work out.

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

I must seriously ask how can one be the love one has never received if one has never received love. Isn’t that kind a contradictory statement.

Rachel Renee Wright

This really makes you think about things.. you can’t always give the love you don’t receive or it’ll end up tearing you apart. Still love this though

Liza Nich

As easy as that is for me I’ve realized not everyone can be the love they’ve never received because of that same reason, how can you offer what you’ve never received. Then I’ve known people who have said they received from one person the most amazing love they’ve ever received yet that hasn’t worked out either. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. Maybe we can say learn from what you HAVE received and realize the love you wish to have and build it up in yourself.

Saulo Rodriguez

That’s so true and I never realized how true that was until now.
I love you baby.