Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Mohamed Ebraheem

when a man really loves you, he will treat you as a priority , accept you for the person that you’re and support you in ur good and in ur bad times too

Valerie McCroskey McGaha

Some day the timing will be right. Until then focus on the positive people in my life.

John Parisi

This would be true for a man or a woman not just one way or the other!!!!

Rj Sutton

Same when a woman loves a man. She gives thanks for him many times daily.

Crystal Roberta Ramos

replace man with woman and it’s true in my life

Glenna Mayo

When I man loves you he will screw up sometimes. He isn’t perfect and you aren’t either.

Pooneh Tanaeim

Well said. As highlighted above, it’s all about true love. A real man knows when a blessing has been bestowed upon him. While others will just be-

Trolly McGee


When a man really loves you he will use condoms with other girls

Nico Cruz

this is true for both genders and on the scope of all romantic human relationships

Tedy Agascon

when a man loves you,he will give all he had for you,even a simple problem he will hesitate to tell until he solve that problem,but to think that he does not care or love you?think ,analyse the situation before you react…in real world even rich people had their own problem…

Kerri Dawn

when you are told you are loved and a great blessing and cross the world and sadly witness a drunk 24/7,,, even when forgiving them of poor treatment, in past, in front of you openly troll for woman, lie and cheat. on each one, crying and blaming.. it makes it hard to trust again… stay where you are treated well… not where you are hurt.. and where your heart was broken…..

Ayodeji Amoko

hmmm but she’s too rude always take me for granted never care to say hi until i start the conversation

Neetu Mani

and if a man loves you he don’t want you to change…but the only change he wants is that the love should increase and increase.

Nana Kofi Boakye

When a man really loves you…? What’s the essence of talking about equilibrium if the other arrow is not pointing in the opposite direction. A woman must also acknowledge the love shown to her by her man. A real woman proves to a real man. Its mutual. Don’t always ignore the women and expect men to do your expectations. We all have a part to play in reaching perfection

Amanda Victoria Villarreal

Sergio Villarreal thank you for always making me feel loved 🙂 <3