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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Angel Harshu

Such a relation is hard to find wen u have gone through a severe heartbreak n u cnt trust anyone after dat

Imran Khan

I want real relationship Real lady add


Daniel Coles

Yeah, maybe one day for me…

Mardi Moore

Amen!!! Totally took me off my feet and brought such life that I had never felt “BUT” then…..

Pritchard-smith Ginger Mrscd

I so blessed to married to the man of my dreams and very grateful!

Mike Verhest

Time stopped when I met her, and every time I see her. She’s the world, she’s my girl

Mahmoud Mohamed

Rest your mind no real love you will find today .. you lie to them,they lie to you .. you tell them the truth,they lie to you!!

Maria Teresa Arigo

Nice friend first until develop to relationship and open communication to one another

Sean Chase

My dj makes me laugh all day which brings smiles an smiles are Never a bad thing, so long story short find the one who makes you laugh, everything after that comes easy. I love you dj!!!!

Kari Solberg Schaller

Yeah a relationship I never expected to be in it went from 0 to 60 with his manipulating ways!

Alisa-Looney Vongprachanh

And then when they end that shit fucking sucks. But you have to suck it up even harder cause momma ain’t raise no bitch.

That last part was so sarcastic I’m sorry

Thom Pierce

Then wreck you completely! But hey, I rode on with it until the wheels fell off and lived to tell. Lesson learned.

Rith Vathanak

Yes I’m in this stage of relationship

N Gayle West

Gary and I had BOTH decided that we were going to be single the rest of our lives. We’d each been through 2 bad marriages, both been hurt, abused, and had our faith in finding someone shattered. We were DONE. Neither of us were “looking” for love again. It just wasn’t in the cards. Then came the fluke of a day when we met at the hotel where I was working. We talked, we laughed, we “clicked” and the rest is making history. We both realise how special what we have is, and we work hard to make sure we… Read more »

Queenie Balindoa

Don’t rush for something/someone that wasn’t meant to be and regret on it at the end..”LOVE will just come to our life UNEXPECTEDLY to an unexpected person.””

Kathy Mae Manalo Angeles

Knowing how many times my heart broke still I am happy to the life I have. Those relationship I had before gave me lessons. And now I am stronger than ever for I know in perfect time God will sent someone for me.

Mohamed Mido

I messed relationship