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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Corey Hatfield

You call me at 2am… 1. I’m not answering 2. I’m pissed you are waking me up at 2 am.

William Burke

Better not be calling me at 2 in the morning. I turn my phone on vibrate at night, so I simply will not answer, but if you do wake me up, you won’t have me for long.

Constantin Ispas

She will only call at 2 am to make sure you’re in bed and not on your way to her house because she picked up some random dude at the bar and she doesn’t want to get busted ….(actually happened to me )

Brenda Luaces

Shouldn’t it read:
You deserve someone who calls you at 2:am and tells you that he / she can’t sleep without you.
Someone is singular.
They is plural.

Rains van der Melk

I’m just glad there are some people who belong in my ‘realistic’ world commenting then I don’t have to be the party pooper alone 🙂

Maralee Ann Motes

No, no, just no. People need to stop using nightly sleep deprivation and cuddling as a demand for intimacy and love. That’s suffocating and control.

Angela Zimmerman Azad

Before marriage, jamil, (my late husband) would not sleep without me and or my scent on his pillow! Finally, I just moved in

Gee El Salsero

Call me at 2:00 in the a.m…..the phone will go straight to voice mail. As Damon Wayans would say: Homie don’t play dat!!!!

Smŕûťhï Déèpäk

You used to call at 2 am, and talk til the sunrise.. and now, even at 2 pm, I have to think twice before even texting a hi to you 🙁

Tina Forsling

Funny how literal people are taking this! Just conjures up being in love to me! And I would never be pissed about being longed for !

Sharmaine Agustin

Am i that mean to deserve someone who will call me and wake me up in the middle of the night?!!!! Where is the justice?

Rosie Juri

I put my phone on vibrate before bed, I don’t answer calls after I go to sleep regardless of who you are! LOL

Sachi Walpita

Yes drunkards call at 2am and say they miss you & etc.
hell no one deserves a drunkard I suppose ???
Is the page admin some sort of a teenager or so..cz they do & expect these things if im not mistaken..

Andrew William Patrick

Unless you are bleeding uncontrollably or currently on fire, calls at 2AM will be answered with growling and cursing in Irish. Love is patient, love is kind, true love is very very quiet from Midnight to 0500. Cheers.

Janice Lynn

Be careful. Sometimes it’s just what he/she says to have sex with you. Bunch a wolves in sheep clothing out there

Rachel Fulkerson

I am a Marine Mom, if my phone goes off at 2am I panic. This is one of the dumbest relationship memes I have ever seen!

LeeAnn Kluth

I had that. If my husband couldn’t sleep and he was away he would call.
He passed away 2 weeks ago. I would give anything to lose sleep from his phone calls again.

Leeal Palazzolo

Met him. When i went in the hospital he stayed until midnight when they made him leave. Then came back in the morning and told me he hadn’t slept all night. Thought having the bed all to himself would be great but discovered. Not so much.

Chari Ann

Haha no u dont sounds like what you need is a grown ass man that doesnt text after a long night at the bar.. ????

Gabe Sims

“You? Can’t sleep? *thinking; why the hell you calling me, now I can’t sleep*
“Dear that is so romantic!”

Amber Board

Um no. I deserve someone who calls .e during the day because they want to spend time with me and include me in their plans. Not someone who wants my attention after everyone else has gone home.

Pooneh Tanaeim

Wouldn’t that be dreamy…
Wish I had him close to my heart … Sleepless nights thinking about him… Daydreaming of when we’re going to get together ???he’s my Joonjoon ! Meekhaamet Azizehdelam ?

El Jay

whoever made this page musta found there soulmate or have ben in absolute love before because i can relate to just about everything they posts and though im not with my ex wife i love her more then the air i breather she is the center of my universe star in my sky light in my night it cannot be explained god bless all working true love relationships

Fatima Aviña

You deserve someone who is sleep at 2am by your side every night! 😛 Who need drunk people calling for sex?