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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Natasha Kizmyaz

Then you’re not ready for a relationship. Love yourself first.

Ben Donahue

Brandon needs to chill out and have a drink. Paranoia isn’t healthy.

Cindy Stone Dolan

But sometimes it’s not about you, it’s about them.

Nguyen Hoai Anh

You’re killing yourself for being sensitive.

Cameron Lisa

that’s me and I shouldn’t be that way Michael wetterman lol I now know thanks to u for making me realize

Larry Wilson

I’d like to say I’m not like this. Want in the one hand and %&$# in the other see which one fills up fastest. 🙂

Lindsay Caswell

Oh !! Exactly true. ..but sometimes you never ever get to know what one does wrong.and it’s hard to get going again

Pooneh Tanaeim

Communicate. In life we are not mind readers nor are we psychic!
?. Talk things through ! Never assume… Or ease you’ll make an ASS outta yourself. ( speaking from experience). ?

Jennifer Cloudas

I’ve learned its not me its them I just think if I don’t get to close I don’t have to worry about being hurt my life my happy 🙂

Hamza Akhachab

Some people they make a person like an option wehn they find other more attractive to them and they runs keeping a distance with you

Angela Spasojevich

Yes you do have to talk and communicate and hopefully if that person isn’t into you anymore I hope they would be an adult and speak up instead of making you feel like it was you you truly have to be a grown up in any kind of relationship too many adolescents in adult body’s

Nicole Pritchett

This is me. Though I’m learning to give what I am given and not give so much and then get upset when it’s clear that it’s a one sided deal.

Arlene Stressel

Wow…truth is, I did nothing wrong at all. It’s men. They’re all sorts of fucked up. I’m just on an endless search to find a guy who isn’t…

Jennifer Reynolds

It’s best to understand that sometimes it’s not about you. Sometimes people are just dealing with their own issues.

Christopher Lee Carter

This would be a person with a personality disorder that has a strong fear of abandonment and rejection. Real or perceived. I can say this from experience because I am a borderline with narcissistic traits.

Diamond Love

Some will only stop talking to you because they found someone more attractive to them and they try keeping distance with you….

Tammy Tormanen

I am the same way. But i spend all day trying to figure out WHATS wrong…